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  1. Thanks for the explanation and for your efforts on our behalf. I felt lost!!!!
  2. Just saw this on-line and it looked like something worth saving..... Guilt-free Cream Cheese Frosting 8 oz cream cheese, can use fat free 3 oz box of any flavor or sugar free instant pudding 1 Tbsp vanilla or any flavor extract 1 c milk Directions 1. whip the cream cheese till smooth. 2. add the vanilla or extract of you choice, this will give the cream cheese a little more creamy texture. example:I made mine for a lemon cake so I used lemon juice. 3. in small bowl combine the milk and pudding till well mixed. slowly pour into the cream cheese while mixing on low. mix till well combine, this will be in a pourable form frosting, frost your item, and refrigerate 4.Refrigerate for about 1 hour to give the frosting time to set up. then enjoy this creamy gilt free frosting. [/font]
  3. Good job, Peg! Nothing will make you feel better than taking good care of yourself!
  4. I agree with not relying on prepared foods, regardless of the brand. As far as WW goes, this is not the first I've heard of this problem. I am not condeming WW--I owe WW much (hmmm....well, I've paid for that "much" but nontheless, I respect and admire the organization). However, I think it's wise to be wary and I am personally disappointed in WW. I guess we can agree to disagree on this.
  5. Luanne.....I think the inaccuracies matter as persons on flex are held to a certain number of points and 2 grams of fat can definitely affect point count, depending on where they fall. And I don't care if Heinz does make the frozen meals for WW......WW has their name on them, WW profits from them, and WW is whom we trust. My personal feeling is that WW's integrity needs to be unimpeachable.
  6. http://health.msn.com/weight-loss/video.aspx?vid=bd2cd3d4-77ec-4b08-8ceb-c427772a0b8d%26tab=today&from=en-us_msnhp&GT1=32045
  7. Congratulations, Carol! So pleased to see your post and very happy for you! Exerstrider....same as Nordic trekking poles? Have used poles for years....love them.....learning to run with them now (at this point it is quite a challenge for me). Onward! Robin
  8. Hi Peggy, My heart goes out to you and yes, I think we'll all help to the best of our ability. It would be wonderful to see you succeed. However, I think your problems exceed WW and BCB's knowledge and expertise. I think you need grief counseling. No that doesn't mean you're "weak" or "crazy".....it means you've taken a severe emotional pummeling and could use help from persons who've been there. Hospice often runs (free) grief groups and I have seen incredible results from them. Community mental health could help, but I suspect there are numerous grief groups for parents who have lost children.....please check them out. There's a future out there filled with love, laughter, and children.....grab it, girl! Robin
  9. I think the logical thing to do is to plan for a snack between dinner and bedtime....you've got a long enough stretch of time there that your blood sugar is bound to drop. I'd try something like 1/2 a toasted sandwich thin (0.5 points) with a slice of 2 % cheese melted on top (1 pt). That way you get a little bit of carb to help with serotonin production and protien to slow the carb's digestion, thus keeping the growlies at bay and helping you sleep well.
  10. I enjoy it. It's well thought-out, well-taught, and a good work-out for beginner/intermediate. The principles of kettlebell work-outs are somewhat different than weight work-outs so your expectations should be a little different. Not lower, just different. Actually, I think I'll go downstairs and give it a run-through now.....haven't used it for awhile and it benefits me. Enjoy! Just did a partial kettlebell work-out (couldn't finish it as I just finished doing an upper & lower body weight work-out about 30 mins. ago) and it is definitely a good work-out. Going to work it into my weekly rotation again somehow...thanks for reminding me~
  11. From our own pasta recipe section comes this one: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums//showthread.php?55667-Crockpot-Lasagne&highlight=Lasagne
  12. I've been including the precooked bacons--both Hormel and Oscar Meyer--for several years. I usually just have two slices in omelets or breakfast sandwiches. I enjoy it.
  13. I liked the Arnold and like the Earthgrains thin buns (multigrain) even better....they're now my standard bread and I use them for everything...sandwiches, mini-pizzas, toast. etc.
  14. Booting this up to first page....if you have a report you want included on the second week standings, please append it to this thread. I'll get to it tomorrow night.
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