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  1. Jason, thanks so much for undertaking this revamping, revitalizing of the site. The auto-save feature is wonderful; I have yet to lose a post since you added it! Thanks for all of your hard work! Deedee
  2. Hi, Lesa! I've missed hearing from you or seeing you on the Delta Force forum. I hope all is well with you and that 2012 will be wonderful for you and your family. Deedee

  3. Kosciusko, I was just wondering because of your name. There is a Kosciusko, Mississippi. Living in the Sierras must be magical! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Thank you, Kosciusko & CW! I will proceed with the plan to go on Sunday so that I can start the New Program immediately! Kosciusko...are you, by chance, from Mississippi? I was born in Yazoo City & lived in Mississippi until I graduated from college.
  5. Background: I know we get one official WI per week. Also, we can go to as many meetings as we need/want to attend. My normal WI is on Saturdays. I want to go to WW on Sunday to get the new material & get started immediately. (I'm excited about the New Program!) My question: According to WW rules, can I go to WW this Sunday and NOT weigh-in, then return on Saturday for my normal WI? Thank you!
  6. That was great! I love the judges' expressions!
  7. Hi, Judy! Welcome!!! It's great to have you here. I look forward to getting to know you better and watching your progress as you succeed in creating a healthier you.
  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you have great plans for a wonderful celebration of yourself!
  9. Sandy, I missed your birthday but hope it was wonderful! How are things going with you now? I hope you will return to the Delta Force soon.
  10. Trudie, what a game!!!! Once the Packers showed up, they really showed up! I know you are disappointed with the final score as would be any good Packer fan, but it was an amazing game to watch. BTW, breakfast & lunch were wonderful! I make cooked apples with Granny Smith apples & cinnamon & Splenda. It comes out like the filling of an apple pie. Today, I had some steel cut oats in the frig & just added the apples to it & nuked it together. Double YUM!
  11. WI was not good yesterday. I was up 0.6 lb. and I know why. I didn't get enough exercise or enough veggies last week. I will correct that problem this week!!! After 4-1/2 months of remodeling, our kitchen was finished on Friday...... I even have my new refrigerator now! We are thrilled with the results and hope never to go through it again. Breakfast today was steel-cut oats with an apple cooked with it. Lunch was hummus, WASA crackers, pepperoncini, and clementines. I want to spend much of the afternoon in preparing meals for the week, but may have to wait until tomorrow for that as I still have much to do in returning things to the new kitchen. Grainne, HI! It's great to see you again. I hope you have fully recovered from your surgery. Kimberley, you have had so much stress and too much illness. I hope everything improves soon. -15 to -18 windchill? Oh, mercy! The worst we got last week was 4 degrees for windchill. The minus column sounds dreadful. Denise, you sound like you are making great strides with your recovery. I saw some videos on MSNBC.com about the problems the Florida wildlife are having with this cold weather. It's hard to imagine all the cold that has invaded Florida. Trudie, thanks for your positive encouragement & reminders. I love the conversation you included in your post. Honestly, I've had almost the exact same conversation with my husband when he would try WW. I hope your Blackberry survived! Clara, snowplows? You are definitely having worse weather than we are having. However, during our 6" snow on Christmas Eve, snowplows were used near our house in a low area that was giving travelers great problems. I hope Mary is doing better. Laurie, so how do you think rock climbing would affect someone with a massive fear of heights? Good for you! That had to have been excellent exercise. DD, I hope you are doing well in the cold weather and that your pipes survived unscathed! Happy OP Sunday!
  12. A quick check in. All is well; I'm just super busy today. Staying OP and getting in activity points by shivering in this cold. Now to watch Texas attempt to defeat Alabama after losing Colt McCoy to an injury.....
  13. Trudie, wow! Your DH gets it! That is wonderful! It's easier when our spouses are supportive rather than insecure about our weight loss. When I got within 4 pounds of my goal a couple of years ago, my DH started a big campaign to get me to regain some weight. "Too skinny....it makes you look older than you are....etc., etc." I hope, for the sake of your DH's health, that it lasts for him. I would have loved to have seen your face when he was measuring his food. Kimberley, poor Lucas. It's too bad that he has so many allergies. At least, he has a mom who is proficient in catering to people with allergies! Clara, our wind chill is dropping almost every minute. By morning, we are supposed to be at 0 to -10 degrees wind chill. Brrrrrr.....The wind is going crazy right now with this front barrelling in!
  14. Yesterday was all about errands and more errands. I stayed OP but had to use a few WAPs. Today, we spent the morning at the hospital for appts. for my DH. On the way to the hospital, my car started making a funny sound, so DH has taken it in to see what is going wrong. Thankfully, it is still in warranty. Today…OP…exercise….drink water….clean house. Denise, the cold weather in Florida is awful! I know the farmers and grove owners are frantic! I guess the good thing is that the snowbirds are leaving lots of money in Florida. You sound like you feel so much better! That’s wonderful! Trudie, good for you for totally OP. You will be vital in your sister’s success, I’m sure. Clara, bundle up! We’re supposed to get more snow, also….Friday, I think. Great job on the treadmill! DD, one of my favorite breakfasts is steel-cut oats with blueberries on top. It is filling & both are filling foods. Kimberley, you have so many food allergies in your family! That has to make it rough to come up with menus. You are smart to buy treats for the kids that you can easily avoid. That’s what I have to do at Halloween. Laurie, Hi! How’s Samson?
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