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    I found the quick cook barley (it's in a yellow box I think) near where the soup is (with you soup starte type mixes) at Wal-mart.
  2. I've walked 2 1/2 marathons and am currently training for my third. I was training last summer to walk a full in San Francisco, but injured my knee and had to stop training (I was really REALLY bummed). Will all of the halves I've done, everyone started at the same time. The 1/2 I'm doing at the end of April is both a half and full and everyone starts at the same time. It is such a rush and a great accomplishment. I have done all my halves with the Team In Training program thru the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. You basically raise money for the society and they train and send you to an endourance event. Walking a half takes me about 3 hours 20 minutes (around a 15 minute mile). If walking a full, plan to spend 7 to 8 hours on the course. Most races have time limits and if you fall behind, usually, a 18 minute mile pace, the will 'sweep' you up and take you to the finish line. Good luck in your training!
  3. I'll be doing my 3rd half marathon in April. And I know on race day I'll have the butterflies too. Try to keep a positive attitude. Instead of " can I do this" think "I WILL do this" and "what if I can't finish?" try "WHEN I finish". I've learned that completeing the race is what matters not how long it takes you. And remember, there will be several porta-potties along the race course if needed!!
  4. I've walked 2 half marathons, one in Virgina Beach, VA and the other in Indianapolis, IN. I started to train to walk a full marathon in San Francisco, but I injured my knee so had to stop (I was really bummed!). I will start training for my thirs half marathon in a couple of weeks. THis one will be in Nashville, TN. I have done all these half marathons with Team In Training of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It's a great program! Good luck on your training! Stick with it! It's a great achievement!
  5. I just put one in layaway this weekend. Hope to get it out in a coupla weeks. I actually have one that we got from DH grandma, but it doesn't have the key to it, so it's kinda pointless to have, cuz it wont work.
  6. I had them when I was on vacation in Florida, but haven't been able to find them here yet in Indiana. The cinnamon crunch one was wonderful!!
  7. None of the Frito Lay chips (baked or WOW) have changed, just the packaging. (my hubby works for Frito so I find out the cool inside stuff about the products)
  8. be sure you are stretching good before you start walking/running. There are several stretches you can do to stretch the calf muscle and the area of your shin. Don't give up on running if that's what you want! Just take it slow and work your way up to running. (I'm a walker and do a little running if my legs get tired from walking. You use different muscles for each.)
  9. I tried the cheese nips and the chips ahoy yesterday. They were pretty good. The girl who bought them (my WW buddy) said CVS durgstores had them on sale for $1.99 with your extra care card. I'll be stopping by after work today! I was also told that the Oreo's are like "real" oreo's. Just chocolate cookies with white sprinkles on top. But that's ok. They will be good when I need a chocolate fix!
  10. ElenitaB you'll love Disney! I have that one on my list of marathons I want to do! I was going to do it in 2005, but since I'm doing San Francisco in October and the Country Music Marathon in April 2005, Disney is going to have to wait till 2006. So many races, so little time!!
  11. You may want to get a second pair of shoes now and alternate between the 2 on your walks. That way they both get broken in and you wont have to worry about a new pair of shoes so close to race day. Most shoes should last between 300-500 miles. If you are just now starting with new shoes, you should be ok with them come race day! Keep up the good work! It is really a rewarding experience! Janeen
  12. I've walked 2 half marathons and am currently training to walk a full marathon in San Francisco on October 24. Yes, milage DOES MATTER!!! It can take you 4 hours to walk 3 miles or 13 miles! You should gradualy increase your walking every week. I think Portland has a time limit of 8 hours for the full marathon. I'm on week 5 of my training schedule (we are training for 22 weeks) and we will be doing 10-12 miles this saturday. We do 3-4 days during the week of about 4-6 miles each. We also thorw in a hill training (since this race is in San Fran!) once everyonthe week. If you would like a copy of the schedule I follow, let me know, I'd be more that happy to send it to you!! Good luck in your training! Janeen P.S. Be sure you go to a qualified running shoe store (not Finish Line or another chain store that sells shoes for "fashion") and get fitted for a properly fitting shoe. It will make all the difference!!
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