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  1. Yes, thank you. I also found it and bumped it up.
  2. Found what I was looking for. Bumping it up.
  3. I have not been on this site for ages and amlooking for an old recipe from several years back for Fat free banana bread. it is a favorite of my kids and I can"t seem to find my copy. Does anyone know where I can find it on the site?
  4. Does anyone know the point values of these?
  5. A great summer recipe. Bringing it back up to the top.
  6. My cousin makes these out of nylon netting, rather than yarn. they work well. Sorry I don't have a pattern but maybe you can find one in the links above.
  7. I bought these last week at Sams club. they come in a box with half chocolate drizzle and half popcorn flavor. I have only tried the chocolate so far but they are wonderful. A great sweet crunch!
  8. Bump., Made it today. Great to warm you in the winter!
  9. debradawn


    I am a quilting wanabe! I was at the fabric store today buying fleece for balankets. I saw a lady buying lots of cool fabrics for quilting as they were on sale. I may have ot look into taking a class soon. Any recommendations of how or what kind of project to start with?
  10. I love to knit but have never tried the circular loom that you referred to. I taught myself to knit from some books and the internet. And took a class to learn some other techniques. I would be interestd to hear how you like the look if you get one.
  11. Thanks, I forgot to mention that the salad also had Feta.
  12. I went to my daughter's swim team banquet this week and tried a very good salad. I am going to try to invent the recipe myself but wondered if anyone has a similar recipe to share. It was thickly chopped tomatos, green peppers, (either zucchini or cucumber, not sure which) I could tase fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. Maybe onions too??
  13. Pilsbury does some of the cookies now with Slpenda. Do they have sugar cookie with spenda? What if you just spread the cookie crust with fat free cool whip instead of the cream cheese mixture?
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