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  1. I like the private sections... I think you have thought about the above issue.
  2. I promise to check the general thread and basic message board everyday.... I have been stuck on our own site.... I need to make better use of the board. I came here because of the recipes. Help everyone. Let"s post some new things to try.
  3. Thanks so much Jason... I am a 10 year + member and I owe you guys sooooo much. The encouragement, support, ideas, advice and friendships have greatly enriched my life. You know the older guys on the board are a pretty active group. We have celebrated grandbabies, weddings, deaths, illness, and weight loss! I started here looking for recipes and now could not start my day without checking in with my buddies. We meet yearly and have become a tight group. Thanks for all you do.
  4. I brown ground lamb and lean ground beef and discard the fat (there is a lot with the lamb)... I add chopped onions, carrots, garlic and cook until the vegetables are soft... add frozen peas, frozen corn, some FF beef broth and a bit of Worchester Sauce... salt and pepper. You can thicken slightly if needed by using a bit of flour or cornstarch. I spray the bottom of a big glass-baking dish with Pam and fill it with the meat mixture. Add the mashed potatoes on top. You can make your potatoes however you like them. I leave the peelings on and mash them with FF sour cream, low fat butter, and salt and pepper. Top the meat mixture with the potatoes and sprinkle with paprika. Bake about an hour at 350F or until top is slightly browned. I think the lamb is what makes this Shepherd’s Pie.
  5. You can also serve this over spaghetti squash instead of the noodles. It is wonderful.
  6. Julie... Cathy... you are way too easy. Glad to have you with us. PS Carla's post did give it away....
  7. Greenbrier


    I think I know these boys!
  8. Greenbrier


    I was going to send this to my friends but first I had to find my reading glasses but on the way I noticed a stack of mail that needed to go to the desk in the office etc. Yes... this is me!
  9. Oh golly, my mother used to tell this one. Her friend was named Gladys... her name was Lois.... guess the way the jokes with with her name!
  10. Oh golly, my mother used to tell this one. Her friend was named Gladys... her name was Lois.... guess the way the jokes with with her name!
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