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  1. Not really a strange habit, but I eat avocado pretty much every day. And people sometimes look at me funny when I come to a meeting at work, lugging my 1 litre water bottle... And yes on number 3... /Hanna
  2. Welcome back! Whichever you choose, it will work. The most important thing is to do it. I am in Europe, and doing our version of the program, so I haven't had to do the transition like you do, however, we have had several different plans here as well since I have been doin WW, and they all work. Many of the things people are struggling with in the new US program have been in our programs for so long that I don't react to them at all. Make a decision and stick with it, and you will be fine. Find a thread with regular posters and spend time there. That will help! Good luck! /Hanna
  3. Isn't that the ultimate goal? SuperBowl, only you can no if it *should* bother you. I didn't let it bother me, and it got me fat again. Maybe get a body fat measurement and see if you're in the healthy range? Congratulation on your anniversary! You are an inspiration! /hanna
  4. TV, probably one hour per day. I stand at my desk at work, but 8 hours there.
  5. Find a cute girl to chase! Seriously though, listen to Jack. /Hanna
  6. More input (so you'll be confused!) I'd wear winter tights with thin short tights underneath (because my protruding butt gets very cold). On top a long sleeved top (not cotton) and a thin jacket. I would not wear a hat, but one of those http://www.buffusa.com/buffusa/collections/5 folded like a wide head band. But I get very warm. Fast! Good luck with your race! Let us know how it went! /Hanna
  7. I used to use any calendar with plenty of space on each day. Don't get caught up on having the perfect tracker, just write it down! /H
  8. Yes I did! I jogged during my lunch break. Slow, but fun!
  9. THIS! It's not the name of the program, it's what we eat! The number of points you get is higher, but they are not the same as the old points. The caloric value is not the same. WW is just another way of keeping track of the energy in the food we eat, and making sure that we eat less than we use up. That's how we lose weight. Some of the point values are "weighted" to steer us in certain directions (for example 0 points for banana, it has calories, but WW wants to encourage us to chose that banan over some processed crap). I would expect that telling oneself that what one is doing doesn't work might be a good way to get just that, though...
  10. Whole flax seeds does not have any points as far as I know, because the body doesn't absorb them. Their benefit comes from the fiber! (so that cannot be counted against the oils!) ground, not sure! /Hanna
  11. Hi! Just my thoughts... Cravings are usually mental as long as you give your body enough nutrition. A significant difference in insulin levels between 157 and 155 pounds is unlikely. That is not how insulin production works, PCOS or not. That said, before 1998 (I think) a healthy BMI was considered (by WHO) to be 27, not 25. (there are all sorts of conspiracy theories around that change!) You need to figure out what you want. Are you happy at this weight, and your doctor says it's OK, go for it! If you're not, you need to find ways to ensure that you can battle the cravings below 155. Because they will come, since you believe they will. What would I do? start tracking what I eat. Increase exercise. See what that did to my body. But that's just me! /Hanna
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