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  1. Ashlee, A good Canadian mystery writer is L.R. Wright. Her mysteries are set in Squamish, BC. Unfortunately, she died a few years ago, but my sister told me about her. She was a fabulous writer. The way she would describe a room or a situation, you felt like you were in the room with the main characters. Carlee
  2. I just finished P.S. I Love you by an Irish writer named Cecilia Aherne. It is about the first year after a young woman loses her husband to a brain tumour. Sounds depressing, but very moving and even funny in places. Apparently, it is in development to be made into a movie. My book club has just done this book. I'm glad we did. It was great. Next up on book club is The Davinci Code. I never read it. Has anybody out there? Carlee
  3. My sister sent me a website which was just hilarious. It had recipe cards from the early 70s from WW which were, well lets put it this way. No way I would have lost any weight cooking any of them. It is www.candyboots.com and hit the link to the ww recipe cards. Just so funny with photos of the cards. YUM! My personal fav was the tower of frankfurters wrapped around a pineapple. Kudos to ww for constantly evolving and changing its mealplans to be more palatable to people's taste. So, please don't take this site as a condemnation of WW or criticism because their recipes now are actually quite delicious. It is meant in the spirit of a good laugh. Cheers, Carlee
  4. Hi, Checked out the AppleBees near my house and the waitress there said the WW menu won't start until summertime. So, I guess a lot of the Canadian sites won't have them for awhile, at least in my neck of the woods. I'll have to check it out when I got to Seattle next month. Carlee
  5. There's an Applebees a few miles from my house. IT is good to know they have ww options. I'll have to find out if they have the ww options in the Canadian restaurants yet. I checked their website and it didn't say. Carlee
  6. It proves once again you have to be careful. As there are different gov't food specifications, company policies, etc...there will bound to be differences between Canada and the States, even though we have very similar products in the grocery stores. I noticed it when I checked them in Safeway. It just goes to show, that 'ole point slider comes in handy at the supermarket. Cheers, Carlee
  7. I forgot to mention. They wouldn't let me be Carlee, so I'm Carleerun for the Presidential Challenge! Cheers, Carlee/carleerun
  8. Hi, I got registered. I managed to get in through the main site. For some reason the log in link wouldn't let me, but I got in the other way no prob. It's great they were allowing foreign participants. WTG!!! Carlee
  9. Hi Katie, I tried to sign on, but the site was down. I'll try later. Carlee
  10. Hi, I made the smoothie tonight and it was delicious. I added a bit of davinci caramel syrup as I did not have any almond extract or vanilla in the house and it still turned out quite yummy. Carlee
  11. A friend gave me a couple Leslie Sansome (sorry not sure how to spell her name) walking tapes if I can't get outside for a proper walk. They aren't bad, but I like getting outside better, and so does the pup! Carlee
  12. Sheila, I'll have to check out those books by L.R. Wright. I think my sister has read those. You are a wealth of book ideas!!!! Cheers, Carlee
  13. Hi Sheila, Have you read "Unless" by Carol Shields? Sadly, it's her last book, but one of the most heartwrenching books I've ever read. I haven't read "Confessions of a Shopaholic" yet, maybe I'll pick it up next time I'm in Chapters. Cheers,' Carlee
  14. I was just on the curves question on another post. It brought to my mind a question for anyone who is interested in answering. What is your favourite exercise routine? Personally, I like walking. I get the dog and explore some of the parks around my house. I'm really lucky there are a ton of walking trails by my place. Cheers, Carlee
  15. carlee


    Hi Jel, I had joined curves and there were many things I really enjoyed about it: the people were great, the place was spotless, constant supervision while working out, fair price, convenient location...etc. There were things that I wasn't wild about. The curves by my place had hours that weren't suitable to my schedule. For example, they closed were closed from 1pm to 3:30 pm. They also closed at 7pm, so if I was working a day shift I couldn't get there before they closed. So, it meant I could only go when I wasn't working. Also, this curves didn't have shower facilities, so I'd have to go home to shower. To be perfectly honest, after six months I got bored with the routine. So, I renewed my membership at my other gym. They have several classes, a pool, showers, a huge variety of equipment, more accomodating hours, etc. I think you have to think about things you like to do to work out. I'm not dissing curves because I think they are great because they're making workouts more accessible for a lot of women. I have a lot of friends who go there and just love it. Cheers, Carlee
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