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  1. Thanks for the info--always looking for a fast food option especially when we are out of town. I will try that out next time. Love, Cinde:wave:
  2. I eat Bocas all the time. Haven't had a real hamburger in almost a year. I cook mine in Heinz 57 sauce and add lots of tomatoe, lettuce and pickles. I also use jalapeno mustard as the dressing--really good. It is an acquired taste. Love, Cinde
  3. I steam my cabbage with a few drops of crab boil added to the steam water. It is so good. A small red potatoes added is wonderful, too. I loved how the fried cabbage sounded and am going to try that here. Love, Cinde
  4. I always prepare my lunch right after dinner too. We had fajitas last night, but I had my stuff on salad instead of wraps. For lunch today I have romaine lettuce leaf wraps using some of the chicken and left over peppers from last night. I have a divided container that I use for lunch. I put my "wrap" in one and some Lite Done Rite salad dressing in one and some pickles in the other one. I dip my wrap in the dressing. I love having my lunch ready since it gives me more time to come here in the morning. Have a great day all...Love, Cinde
  5. pikamom

    whats for lunch

    Abby-I do a different kind of wrap. I take the large outer leaves of romaine lettuce and wrap different things in them. I love thin ham, bean sprouts and bell pepper strips. The cajun turkey slices and pickles are good too. I dip the wrap in Lite Done Rite salad dressing or jalapeno mustard. It is good that way. Love, Cinde
  6. That is such good info Kelly--thanks for sharing it. I carry a half filled bottle of water frozen to school everyday and keep filling it til the ice is gone. Thanks again for sharing the water info. Love, Cinde
  7. Whoo whoo Karen--congratulations on your 10%. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Love, Cinde
  8. Congratulations Kayleigh--you are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work. Love, Cinde
  9. Whoo whoo Lisa--congratulations on your good work. Keep it up. Love, Cinde
  10. Joanne--what an awesome time for you. You are doing great.. So proud of you. I will be sending skinny vibes for the little bit more you have to lose. Love, Cinde
  11. Wow you look awesome--so proud of you. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Haven't been brave enough to post pics yet. Love, Cinde
  12. pikamom


    That is an awesome thing, not a silly one. I have always weighed more than my little hubby, but finally dropped below in the weight department. I am not sure how thrilled he was with that, but I sure am and am so glad for you. Love, Cinde
  13. Whoo whoo and congratulations. You are doing an awesome job and are an inspiration to us all. I am so proud of you. Keep it up and let us know how it goes. Love, Cinde
  14. pikamom


    Isn't onederland amazing when you haven't seen it for a while. I am so proud of you so keep up the good work. You did the right thing buying a new outfit, there is nothing better than new clothes on a thinner body. Love, Cinde
  15. I have been giving my clothes away too and agree with you that don't want them to be here to grow back into. Congratulations and good luck on your Garage Sale--isn't it too hot in Texas right now.
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