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  1. I'm not sure which one he was doing. He just told me that he had done it earlier this year and that that was how many points he had been given. That still seems like an awful lot to me.
  2. I have a friend that weights 300 lbs. and he said that he tried to do WW PP earlier this year and that he couldn't lose weight because. He said that he was given 63 points to use. Would this be correct? That seems like an awful lot of points to me. He didn't lose any weight and had trouble eating that many points. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks! Dawn
  3. Lynn I drink 32 oz of water with every meal usually. I've always done this and it usually helps me with the bathroom issue, but lately it hasn't. I am eating veggies and fiber. The thing that has changed the most about my eating habits is that I don't snack on high processed foods. I haven't always suffered with this issue, but for the last several weeks I have. Thanks!
  4. Well I can't figure out how to edit this post, I wanted to add the last pic again since it is so small.
  5. Well I've been doing Simply Filling for a week now. I do not attend meetings I just do it at home. My original weight loss goal was 150, but if I ever get there I might try for 140. A little bit about myself, I'm a SAH, homeschooling mom to 4. I'm also a preachers wife. You can go the the BCB showoff page and see my progress so far. The title is 51 lbs down, but it is now more like 70 lbs down. I was down this morning to 158, but I know I could be down more if I wasn't having bathroom issues. So therefore I'm asking you if there is anything you would recommend for this issue. I go through times like this, where everything doesn't move as good as I'd like. Anyway if you have any suggestions I'd love them. I've been getting my oil in, but it hasn't seemed to be helping in this area. Dawn
  6. I started Simply Filling last Monday so today starts my second week. I did use most of my 35 points. I'm still trying to figure all of this out and make better choices as far as my food. My goal this week is to not use as many of my points, but my question is do my 35 points start over this week? You get 35 points a week right? Thanks, Dawn
  7. My point is that the girl said she processed it a bit to make it more like the oat bran (filling food) because it saved her money. I just don't understand what makes it a non filling food now. Does it change the way that your body processes it? Is it harder to digest if you blend the oatmeal a little finer? To me the oat bran looks like oatmeal that has been ground a little finer. I'm not trying to start a debate, I'm just trying to understand what makes it different. I'm just trying to learn, but I still hold to not understanding what makes it different. Maybe the science of breaking down the food? I understand that flour is not a filling food, but just because you mix the oats finer does that really qualify as flour? Wouldn't major companies add something to it to make it oat flour? Thanks, Dawn
  8. Ok, that is what I thought, but then I found this recipe on another WW weight loss board and I was a little confused about what one of the girls was telling this lady. Here is the recipe and then I will comment on what the lady said. Pancakes ¾ cup *Oat Bran ½ cup **Cream of Wheat 1 Tbls Splenda 2 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt 1 beaten egg 1 cup skim milk 1 Tbls applesauce 1 Tbls Canola oil 1. In a medium mixing bowl stir together the Oat Bran, Cream of Wheat, Splenda, baking powder, and salt. Make a well in the center of the dry mixture; set aside 2. In another medium mixing bowl combine the egg, milk, applesauce and canola oil. Add egg mixture all at once to the dry mixture. Stir until well combined. 3. Let batter sit for 10 to 15 minutes, this allows the liquid to be absorbed and the mixture to thicken. 4. For standard-size pancakes, pour about ¼ cup batter onto a hot griddle (sprayed with non-stick cooking spray). For dollar-size pancakes, use 1 Tbls batter. *Grind regular oatmeal into flour (which seems to be the same as Oat Bran) using a mini food processor or blender – it is much, much cheaper! As I understand it this girl is not adding anything to the oatmeal to make it something different, she is simply making it finer like Oat Bran so that she can use it in the recipe. She is still using the Oatmeal nothing more. But this lady told her that it wouldn't be SiFi if she did that. Here is the ladies quote "Reminder: Ground oatmeal is not a Core food. The Filling Foods list is the same as the Core list, minus a few items, such as oils. Ground oatmeal is a flour, so if you want to go "by the book," use the oat bran, not the ground oats." Why does it make it different if you put it in a blender to make it finer change what it really is? I'm sorry but that is CRAZY! It is still just oatmeal since she did not add something to it. What are your thoughts?
  9. Is regular oatmeal a simply filling food? Not the instant stuff, but the regular quick oats. It is a hot cereal, so I assumed it was, so if not I really need to know. Dawn
  10. Ok, I have yet another question. I only use deer meat for my ground meat. My question is how much can I eat of it. I know it is on the good list, but is their a limit other than until you are satisfied? If I remember correctly ground beef is limited to once a day, or I think that is what I've read from looking around. Is ground venison limited to once a day? It has very little fat in it if any. It produces no grease when cooked. I know that some processors add ground beef to it, but if they have added any to this then it would be a minimal amount. Thanks in advance, Dawn
  11. Can you make your own taco seasoning mix? I really want to make a taco salad, but I'm not sure the taco mix packet I have is Simply Filling. Have you made your own? Dawn
  12. I'm so sorry I'm asking so many questions, but I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Am I understanding right that I can eat anything off of the simply filling list to my satisfaction, but if I chose to eat something that is not on the list I just use my 35 points to eat it? Why I am wondering this is I had made some bean burritos last week and froze them. I know the refried beans were FF, and the tortillas are 1 pt. apiece. So if I eat two of them I would only count the 2 pt. for the tortillas right? I did not put cheese in them so I don't have to worry with that. Thanks! Dawn
  13. To be honest I just copied and pasted the recipe from where I had posted it on facebook. I would make it with ff milk and splenda. That is all, so that would be simply filling right? Thanks, Dawn
  14. Freezer bag Ice Cream 1 cup FF milk regular, chocolate, or whatever flavor you like. 2 TBS sugar. I used splenda in mine but did the kids with sugar 2 cups ice 3 TBS regular salt Place milk and sugar in a quart or sandwich size storage bag, get out as much air as possible and seal it. place this bag inside a gallon size storage bag and put the ice along with the salt around it. I doubled the large bags because they will leak from all the shaking. Seal the large bag and shake baby shake for 4-6 minutes. It freezes and taste yummy!
  15. Is Fat Free Cream Cheese a simply filling food? I know that ff sour cream is on the list, but would ff cream cheese be a filling food? I couldn't find it on the list, but I may have just over looked it. Also, since milk is on the simply filling list do I have to limit it? Meaning if I have more than 2-3 cups do I have to count the points? I would not normally have it except over cereal and an occasional cup. For breakfast this morning I had 2 eggs scrambled with a slice of reduced fat cheese. I know that the cheese needed to be ff, but I haven't been to the grocery and that is what I had in the house. It is 1 pt so I'm assuming I subtract that from my 35 points. I am finding this forum to be very helpful. Thanks so much! Dawn
  16. Thanks ladies, especially for the link! Wow that link is really helping me out! I tried the Blood Type diet a couple of months ago and lost down to 156 in a week, but then the second week I started retaining water. Does anyone else have a problem with this? The idea of that diet is basically to cut out all the processed foods. I just don't want to start retaining water again. I do drink allot of water (32 oz with every meal). Anyway, thanks again! I'm sure I'll be back with more questions. Dawn
  17. I've always followed the 123 WW plan, so I don't know if I could even do the core/simply filling, but I want to try. I'm about 10 lbs from my original goal of 150, and I'm struggling. I stay on track for a while and then when I don't see any loss I fall off. I have read the Newbie start here on the Simply Filling plan, but I'm still confused. What kind of things do you eat and not eat and do you follow actual points? Would someone mind telling me what their menu would look like on a normal day. Like breakfast, lunch, supper and any snacks. I would love any help I can get! Thanks, Dawn
  18. Yes you can do this! Great job! Keep up the good work! You look great!
  19. Let me start out by saying I'm not new to Bootcamp Buddies or WW. I ordered the at Home program back in 2001 and have been doing it on and off since then. (Between pregnancies and after) I'm done with the baby phase and I've lost 71 lbs since I had my last baby. Don't get me wrong, I know that is a great amount of weight, but I'm still not at where I want to be. I was 159.6 this morning and I had an original goal of 150, but now I would love to get down to 135-140. I just feel like my body is holding me back for some reason. I will admit I have struggled on and off with staying on program. My main problem is because I get so discouraged when my weight does not go down, so that sets me back. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. I am following the old 123 program that has the points range. I usually allow myself anywhere from 20-25 points a day. I've taken the test on here to figure out how many points I get and it says I get 23 points a day. Would my body not feel like it was maintaining with the same number of points a day. I usually walk, but have been having back problems and was told to take some time off. I should be able to start back this week. Should I try to stay at 23 points or what? I really need to know what to do.
  20. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I have gotten back on track this week and I hope I can get out the the 160's and finally see the 150's.
  21. Wow! You look amazing! Great work! Dawn
  22. I added a new photo from this summer. Thanks for looking!
  23. I just took a look at your pictures, and you look AMAZING! Wow great job! I also think your kitchen is just beautiful. )
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