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  1. I made Polenta tonight for the first time. I served it with a little tomato sauce and a pinch of grated cheese. I am looking for recipes to make with Polenta. It is my new best friend. Thank you, Georgeann
  2. I am a new online Weight Watchers member. I want to be careful with my portion sizes and I am not able to use the hand method. I was wondering, can I go to a meeting center and purchase a WW scale and points meter.
  3. Thank you, Everyone, for answering my request about Angel Food Cake. I will try making it with diet soda and maybe some jello. I appreciate your help. Love, Georgeann
  4. I bought 2 boxes of Angel Food Cake mixes, but don't know how to use them in the Weight Watcher program recipes. Can anyone help me. I also have some pumpkin, the plain kind, Can I use it with the angel food cake mix? Thank you so much, Georgeann
  5. Last year I had gotten a copy of our Weight Watchers Magazine which had a section all about desserts using regular cake mixes. I moved last year and somehow lost that issue. Does anyone have some recipes using cake mixes. I am also looking for pumkin dessert receipes. I am so frustrated. I always keep my old issues of WW magazine. I love the receipes they have in them. Thank you for your help. Georgeann
  6. I have made this Cheesey Broccoli Soup for several years. I found it on BB board a while ago. It is really, really good. However, I did not put in any tomatoes. I used the chicken broth, 2 bags of broccoli, 1 bag of cauliflower, 1 bag of carrots and 12 ounces of lite velveeta. When all veggies are soft, I put them in the blender and make a smooth, thick broth. Yummy! It is time to make it again. Enjoy!
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