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  1. Congratulations ! Way to move onward & Downward. ~Denise
  2. Congratulations! How Awesome. You have really to the leap & are on your way, well on your way, to a healthier lifestyle. Way to go. You will inspire us all to keep on moving down. ~Denise
  3. Congratulations that is AWESOME~ What a great accomplishment! I can not wait until I can come & post that I lost 10, I can't even imagine 25. ConGraTs!!!! ~Denise
  4. I was looking for a reciep like this too. I will have to give it a try. I printed it out & will let you know what I think. Thanks! ~Denise
  5. I sat down & tried to figure it out too. I came up with either 4 or 5 points for the entire bag so I think I am just going to use that & move on. If it is less I will be short a few points & I know that it is not more so I will not be going over my points. Who know that popcorn could be so confussing. ~Denise
  6. Yes. The entire bag is 2.5 according to my prior meeting leader. That is why I am questioning the kettle Korn. It is only 5 calories more per bag popped I believe. But the bag is only 4 cups not 5 when popped. I get so confused. I can't remember if you use popped or unpopped or what????? ~Denise
  7. What is the formula for figuring points on microwave popcorn? I remember my meeting leader telling me before but I am doing it from home this time & do not recall it. I am looking for points on Jolly Time 94% fat free Kettle Corn. Anyone know or able to give a little guidance?? I have no clue. TIA ~Denise
  8. WTG!!!!!! YOU ROCK !!!!! ~Denise~
  9. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!! You are doing GREAT!!!!! ~Denise~
  10. taadaa


    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !!! You are amazing. What a wonderful accomplishment! You set a goal & went for it. A*W*E*S*O*M*E ~Denise~
  11. Congratulations Michelle!!!! . I am the same way with a loss. I can't wait to share on the boards. Here is to another great week!!! ~Denise~
  12. Congratulations on your personal goal! ~TaaDaa~
  13. Thank You Very MUCH !!! I will have to try this LOAD of Bread & see how it goes. You Are the Best. Thanks again. ~Denise~
  14. I am looking for a low point basic white bread recipe for the bread machine. Can someone help please. My recipe I don't have the nutritional info on to figure out the points Thanks for the Help. ~TaaDaa~
  15. I made this for dinner on Wed night and it was awesome. I added just a little cyanne pepper & it was wonderful. It's keeper. ~TaaDaa~
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