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  1. I have always measured french fries/crispy crowns etc. once they are cooked. On the Ore-Ida Crispy Crowns I have always gotten 22 Crowns for 84g although the package said that it was approx. 12 Crowns for 84g. Last night I was the only one having them so I measured them frozen so I didn't cook too many. Well, guess what? You do only get 12 Crowns for 84g when they are frozen!!!! I would never have thought they were talking about frozen when they measure them!!! I was cheating by almost double the amount (probably another 2.5-3 points!!!!) Oh well, at least I know now!!!
  2. On the Ore-Ida Crispy Crown bags the nutritional value says: 84g(approx 12 crowns). Once I weighed them 84g was more like 22 crowns. I went with the gram weight and ate 22 of them. Did I do the right thing sticking with the scale weight? Thanks!
  3. My fried dough recipe is very similar to Dawn's...I enjoyed you story about the "sliding boards". I use either regular bread dough or pizza dough and I just pull a piece off and really flatten it out (you may need a little flour because it can become really sticky). The thinner it is the faster the inside will cook. If the pieces are really thick they will burn on the outside before they are cooked inside. Put it in hot cooking oil (I prefer olive oil but the kids don't like the taste) and lightly brown on each side. It is so simple and fast! We put butter and powdered sugar on them. It is an old Italian favorite my Mom and Grandmother have made for years. YUMMY!!!!
  4. The kids are begging me to make them fried dough tomorrow morning and of course my tongue will be hanging out for a piece. The dough is easy enough to figure out with the nutrional value on it and my scale. However, I am wondering if I am doing the oil right. I was thinking of putting my piece of dough in a specific amount of oil, say one cup. Once I fry the piece of dough I was going to re-measure the oil that is remaining and assume that the amount that is missing is the amount that was absorbed by the dough. I was then going to count that amount of oils in points. Does this sound like a good plan to anyone? Thanks!
  5. I joined Curves in January and I love it! BUT, I also go with some ladies from work and we have a ball talking and the time passes before you know it. The few times I have gone alone I can easily see why it can get boring and repetitive. My only complaint is that I pay $39 deducted from my checking account and everyone else I talk to at my Curves pays $29. I spoke to the owner and she just said "that was the price when you signed up" and I did sign the contract so I really have no recourse. However, she was good when I was out with a back injury and put my membership on "hold" and also told me if I couldn't come back to just get a note from my doctor and they would terminate my contract without penalty so I really can't be that mad. I still love my Leslie Sansone tapes and I do them at home a couple of times a week.
  6. Does anyone know how many points are in this? I didn't use the garlic croutons they gave me and I used the F.F. French dressing. I was thinking around 6 points? Thanks!
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