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  1. If I'm reading things right, it looks like red team dethroned us for week 3, blue-team buddies! (Congrats to them!) But let's work hard and regain the top spot this week! TracyD
  2. Yeah! I love looking at before and after pictures!!! TracyD
  3. Man, do I feel good! I did 14 min on the Wii fit, then later this evening did my Family walk (35 min, 2 miles). The Wii fit I'd say was light activity 'cause it was a mix of balance games and aerobics. But the family walk was at LEAST moderate activity if not higher. Saves me from dipping too far into my flex points...yay! Tracy
  4. Great job Michael! That is a LOT to brag about! Tracy (still 'obese' in BMI...but I'm down 3pts, and in 6 more will be ready to move to "overweight")
  5. -1.6 for me for Blue team this week! Yay week 3...onto week 4! TracyD
  6. Freetobethin - I have her "Family Walk" -- the cast has kids in it...and its about 30-35min, and 2 miles. I'm also planning on trying a "cheese soup" recipe I saw here on bcb..if not tonight, then for tommorrow night (I'm a little concerned that the cheese might be too high in sodium for me the night before WI) Send me skinny vibes folksies!! TracyD
  7. I'm thinking of making this or my own variation thereof... maybe adding in potatoes (and bumping up the points accordingly)..... 'cause dh REALLY loves cheese-potatoe soups! Tracy
  8. I have no idea where I will be tommorrow's WI. A peek earlier in the week suggested i'd be really, really down in terms of weight....then good ol' AF showed up on my doorstep. Then combine that with some stupid stuff at work (no overeating...just also didn't exercise.) well, tommorrow morning's WI will tell the tale one way or the other. I vow this week that my Leslie Sansone dvd and my Wii fit will see lots of use! TracyD
  9. Well, with the aid of benadryl, I got an EXCELLENT night's sleep last night. Amazing how that improves both your mood and energy level. I work 1-9pm tonight...and already did my Leslie Sansone Family walk dvd (2 miles) and put a chicken to roast in my superhuge crockpot...so hubby will have dinner tonight...and it makes lots of nice leftovers. I've got enough time to maybe do one or two more things around the house...or maybe I'll just kick back with some icewater before work. Looking forward to the results (even if I didn't help my team much with my .6 gain) but I did peek this morning (yeah yeah.....I know, bad bad bad!) and I seem to be on the right track again..so this coming Sunday's results will hopefully be AWESOME for me! Go all teams! (But especially BLUE) TracyD
  10. Oh, I am SOOOOO the poster-child of the sleep-deprived this morning. And the thing is, the kids (for once) slept well... I just didn't. Didn't have time to fix something to take to work as a lunch..but my plan there is to get a salad at McDonalds. Forgot my daughter's nap stuff for daycare..luckily they have an extra blanket she can use today. Dreading there is no school tommorrow, so the kids will have to be in daycare all day while I work...the 2.5yr old is no problem... its just my 7yr old is mildly autistic and LOVES school..or at least the routine of it...so that could potentially be a bit of a hissy in the making. PLUS my work has its stupid yearly all-day "staff training" day on Thursday. Yeah..this is gonna be a great week. (NOT) whine whine whine. Ah well.. I am going to stay OP no matter what.
  11. Sorry to let you down Blue team buddies... I'm +.6 this week. I did stay OP, but got hardly any exercise because of being kicked to the curb with a cold. It didn't help that both my kids had rough nights sleeping more than once this week. Oy! Gotta go change my siggie. Tracy
  12. I didn't know about the site either... my hubby is more of a techo-geek than I am. (lol) I think they break the videos up into 3 or 4 min segments...and they don't keep them online forever...but I'm going to go back at watch what they have of last week's show. The funny thing is, I never really got too much into the reality TV thing..and never watched TBL because I wasn't sure it was healthy or safe for people to lose massive amounts of weight fast... that's one thing I love about weight watchers.. it takes awhile, but the results are likely to be long lasting. But with obesity being a problem for all ages, I think anything that inspires people to do something... well, that can't be all bad. Besides, I feel like I ought to give it a chance and watch it since I'm in our BCB competition! TracyD
  13. My hubby told me he thinks it might be available for viewing on http://www.hulu.com/ (an online TV show service) in a day or two after the initial broadcast. Evidently it contains commercials that you can't avoid...but it might be there. Which is good because I work Tuesdays 1-9pm and we don't have a way to record TBL. TracyD
  14. Happy to report I am down 2.8, blue team buddies!! And that with tapering off on the exercise because I am getting a cold, courtesty of either my daughter who started daycare and/or going back to work in the public library. Hubby is coming down with a cold too..so both of us have a "to heck with housework" we need to take turns napping so we have a hope of keeping up with the kids. Tracy
  15. I think I'm the only Sunday WI person on Blue team... but don't worry ladies if the peek I took at the scale (yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't..but I still do) is anything to go by, I'll have a LOSS to report tommorrow. Which is great, considering I haven't done as well on the exercise as I could have... I blame 3 or 4 sleepless nights with my 2.5yr old on that. Hard to exercise when you feel you need to prop your eyelids open with toothpicks and hook up a caffiene IV drip. (lol) TracyD
  16. I totally love that timeline..and plan to steal it for another group I belong to. (We call ourselves Legacyland..long story...but it has to do with the game Sims2...and quite a few of us in Legacyland are working on losing weight healthfully and supporting each other) oh yeah..and GO BLUE TEAM! Tracy
  17. Pffft... all this trash talk against blue team (of which I am a new member) is gonna backfire on you ladies! I WAS going to allow myself to skip exercise today..now I'm gonna go do it so I can help my team whup butt! TracyD
  18. The Blue Team SW = 229.6 GW = 220 for TBL *goal amended 10/26 Weigh in day = Sunday Week 1 (9/15 - 9/21) = 226.8 (-2.8 lbs!) Week 2 ( 9/22 - 9/28) = 227.4 (+.6 ) Week 3 ( 9/29 - 10/5) = 225.8 (-1.6) Week 4 ( 10/6 - 10/12) = 223.2 (-2.6) Week 5 ( 10/13 - 10/19) = 223.8 (+.6 ) Week 6 ( 10/20 - 10/26 ) = 224.4 (+.6 ) Week 7 ( 10/27 - 11/2 ) = 224 (-.4) Week 8 ( 11/3 - 11/9) = (pass) didn't weigh in Week 9 ( 11/10 - 11/16) = 225.2 (+1.2 sigh ) Week 10 ( 11/17 - 11/23) = 224.4 (-.8)
  19. Does when we weigh in matter? I WI on Sundays... and don't care which team I'm on.. ALL of BCB rocks! Tracy
  20. I want in, I want in! I've been scanning the buddy groups looking for the signup I knew was coming, but somehow I missed it until now!! I am in this for the long haul, but know having a "I must not let down my team" attitude will also help keep me on track. As a total newbie, I have to ask -- how do we know what team we are assigned to? a public post telling teams, pm, other? Just curious. Tracy
  21. Baby steps! Pick one thing: water, exercise, journalling...whatever you feel you'll be most likely to do and work on that. Then when you're happy with how you are doing with that, add something else. (ie water for a few days, then water and journalling). Build success upon success! You can do it!
  22. Thanks! will you be posting the "call" for sign ups in the buddy forum?

  23. I'm interested in this TBL competition I see going on. (where can I go to learn more?) I know the teams are probably set now...but next time?

  24. TracyD


    Thx! that's not too bad for doughnuts. I'll have to try the recipe this weekend. TracyD
  25. TracyD


    Could someone look at the recipe here (for baked whole wheat doughnuts) http://www.baking911.com/recipes/qb/doughnuts_baked.htm and verify/complete the nutritional info? (and points) I appreciate it! I was thinking of trying this recipe.... TracyD
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