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  1. Sounds yummy, I can't wait to try this and take it into work.
  2. Thanks for the recipe I have been wanting banana bread but wanted to make it myself.
  3. Looks yummy!! I love Lasagna!! Wonder how many pts it would be without the meat?? THanks for posting this recipe!!
  4. These sound yummy, I am so glad to see a recipe for stuff mushrooms that aren't stuffed with some type of seafood
  5. Yummy, I have been looking for a fruit salad and I believe I have found it!! Thanks for posting this
  6. I am getting the ingredients this afternoon and fixing for DH as a suprise
  7. Guess this will go on my menu this week also
  8. This sounds very yummy!! I think I might try it sometime this week!! Just kinda worried about leaving it all day while I am at work
  9. Thanks for the information!! Now I know where I can find them I will be going out tomorrow after WI and get some!
  10. Sounds, yummy!! Guess what my hubby is making tomorrow night while I am at WI!! He has been wonderful trying out new recipes and cooking etc!! Thanks for the great recipe!!
  11. Sounds so yummy!! I am making this tonight!! I can already taste it LOL!! Thanks for the recipe again
  12. Congratulaions!! I can't wait to share when I reach my 10%!! Everyone here is soooooo impressive!! I can't begin to say how much I appreciate everyone here!! Great job again
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