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  1. I'm not sure if these are everywhere, but in California we have 99-cent-only stores. I recently got large multi-packs of 100 calorie packs for 99 cents (I think they had Lorna Doone, Oreo, and some chocolate chip variety). They don't always have them, but they often have something comparable. I also like the Trader Joe's 100-calorie pack cookies. I think they are $1.99 for a size similar to the grocery store brands. Sorry, don't have a pack to check the number of packs inside. Dawna
  2. I just tried this. We added some frozen peaches and Torani SF vanilla syrup. I also used light peach yogurt because it is what I had on hand. It passed the teenager test here. Dawna
  3. One thing that keeps me from feeling hungry is spending my points on whole food rather than snack items. I find that if I save 100-calorie packs, light ice cream, etc. for rare treats rather than daily choices, I feel much more satisfied as far as hunger is concerned. When I did Core (which I am not doing at this point) I found that it perfectly combatted the hungry problem, which can be a huge issue for me. There is a learning curve on Core, but I was amazed at how much less it took me to feel satisfied, and that I truly never had to worry about being hungry, which was an amazing thing. About the coffee creamer, have you tried fat free half & half in your coffee? What about the sugar free Torani or DaVinci syrups? I've found that the fat free half & half has more consistency and more "lightening power" than skim milk. I do measure it, and find that if I use a combination of FFH&H and skim milk, I can have it as light as I enjoy, without too much calorie/point impact. I hope that makes some sense! If you really hate water and love coffee, can you switch to decaf? I believe (could be wrong through) that decaf can be consumed in place of half of our water - someone correct me if I am wrong. Sometimes I make deals with myself. If I drink a glass of water I can have more coffee. I'm on the "getting back down to goal" road myself, so can relate. Good luck to you! Dawna
  4. Are there any vegetables or fruits in the house at all? They say you can eat anything on WW as long as you count it. Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way. Obviously, you'll want to bypass the soda if it is the sugared kind. With the shells and cheese, can you omit or reduce the butter it calls for? If you have any vegetables in the house, you might use those to get a bigger portion for your points. Sometimes, I can hardly believe how many fresh fruits and vegetables we go through. Having them really does make a difference. However, right before payday, it is amazing what I can find in the back of the freezer or back of the pantry to put together a 0-point veggie soup. Do you have bullion cupes or broth base? A can of tomatoes? It really doesn't take much to come up with a pot of soup that will fill you up with very few, if any, points. My husband is the 99-cent-store king. When we finally moved in together, and our house was just down the street from one of these wonder stores, I had to at least try it. It has been an enormous help with the grocery budget, including some not-bad looking veggies and bagged greens. Good luck to you! Dawna
  5. I tried these at easter time, too. I have to say that nothing ever effects my tummy. I can eat the chips with Olestra, low carb stuff with sugar alcohols, ummmm.....well, anything and everything. First, the jelly beans tasted gross to me, although my daughter liked them. Go figure! I have never in my life had such stomach pain though! I thought I was going to die. Or had a sudden case of the worst stomach flu in the world. Ugh! I will never, ever, ever eat one of those again! So, even if you are highly tolerant of "diet" foods, beware this one. dawna
  6. I got a bunch at Smart & Final here in Southern California, near their stock of Torani syrups. They fit the Torani and DaVinci bottles. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them for awhile. It's kind of hit and miss. I get a lot of Torani syrups and World Market, but haven't seen the pumps there. Will have to ask. I have ordered them from DaVinci before, but I hate to pay shipping! Dawna
  7. This post pushed me over the edge yesterday - I had to make a trip to the closest Super Walmart. I did find these, but they only had the apple-cranberry flavor, which wouldn't have been my first choice. They were good. I liked the individually wrapped serving. With a cup of tea, they made a nice breakfast. I would definitely buy these again, and look forward to trying the other flavors. Dawna
  8. I just want to add my agreement here. These bagels are fantastic. We tried the sweet wheat and roasted onion. Both were incredible. Not "tolerable", not "ok" but fantastic! Dawna
  9. Dawna

    Soy Slender milk

    Had to add my thumbs-up rating here. I have wasted so much $ on "healthy" foods that I took one bite/sip of and said "never again", and was concerned about this. The only soy drinks I have tried have been trashed quickly. This is good stuff! Even plain. I bought the vanilla and it is actually very good. I like the nutrition profile, taste, consistency, everything. Look forward to trying the other flavors and to trying it mixed into other beverages in place of creamer. Dawna
  10. This cereal is so good, I am begging my kids to finish off the box. Apparently it is a red light food for me. It is nicely sweet, but not too sweet, and has a nice crunch and flavor. Dawna
  11. I bought two bags at Kmart last night. I had to laugh when I realized I had bought TWO bags, and I have never even tasted one before. But I knew if they got such good reviews here, I would definitely like them. Dawna
  12. To Dawna: Yes, we spell our first names the same. I love it. I find the spelling much more feminine than the traditional. I have met one or two other people who spell their names the same. About the cranberry mustard from TJ's, it is a beautiful maroon color and tastes fantastic. A little really does go a long way, which is nice from a points/calorie standpoint. Dawna
  13. I get cranberry mustard at Trader Joes and love it. Not sure of the brand name, though. It is fantastic on a fat free hot dog or on a turkey sandwich. Dawna
  14. I found the WW Moose Tracks in Southern California (Lancaster) at my local Albertsons. I liked it better than some sugar free/low fat ice creams I have tried, but didn't love it. We did, however, eat the entire carton (over a period of time) and did not throw it away, as has happened with some others we tried, so that is saying something. Dawna
  15. This recipe is one of our favorites. My children voted to have this rather than pumpkin pie last Thanksgiving. We love it. Dawna
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