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  1. Love them!!!! To me they are worth it. Not a dark chocolate like the package makes them look, but filling and fun!
  2. Hi, I'm a personal trainer. 48 hours rest for each muscle group you work out. You have to realize that your muscle repairs during the rest time. If you "overtrain" you will not be doing anything positive for your body, quite the opposite, you will be causing muscle stress. Hugs, Jilli
  3. Hi! I am so happy you shared..I have had this since I went OP two years ago. I find when I drink water it becomes more pronounced. I asked my doctor about it and was told not to worry! Like you said, use it to your advantage and move around..burn some calories and earn some ap's! Hugs, Jilli
  4. Paris, Your in trouble. I get the worst player award. I'm going to hire a coach. haha Hugs, Jilli
  5. Tanya, I love cottage cheese in my egg beaters scrambled or eggwhites. I mix them in after and it tastes so good to me. I inherited this from my grandmother! Hugs, Jilli
  6. Hi Sida, I'm a personal trainer so I will give you my best suggestion. Use the elliptical for a minimum of 20 minutes (that goes for all organized excersise). Working intervals makes the heart rate go up and down which will increase the calorie burn..therefore that is my recommendation. I recommend Every three minutes lowering and then raising the resistance. As you build endurance stretch the interval out to five minutes, no more. Also stretch out the amount of time you spend on the elliptical. I love mine also, its my best cardio workout. I just added a treadmill to my collection to make things more interesting for myself and my clients! Have fun, some excersise is better than None!! Hugs, Jilli
  7. Hi, Leslie Sansone's original walk away the pounds series, offers some great weight training in the arms and back area combined with a bit of cardio. I started learning there and it made quite a difference. Although she uses 2lb balls in her videos as I got stronger I substituted with dumbells of various weights. Thats my recommendation if you are going to do this at home. Hugs, Jilli
  8. Gina, I'm so proud of you..I have tears in my eyes. It seems like yesterday you were asking my thoughts and opinions on gazelles. I don't care if the gazelle works but you sure have put in alot of work and it shows!! Keep it up and congratulations on your weight loss and ww's gain of a great inspiration leader. Hugs, Jilli
  9. I just updated my trail....its been five months since my reunion and I'm happy with my progress! Aside from losing more inches, I lost nine inches of my hair also! Hugs, Jilli
  10. Your so wonderful, it always brings tears to my eyes to share the joy with my buddies. Congratulations and keep up the fantastic work! Hugs, Jilli
  11. I saw the thread on the main board and thought I would pop in to offer my help if you all don't mind. Make sure you eat a proper breakfast, complete with protein, fiber so that this will help fill you up and also help your metabolism get off to a good start. Drink water...Drink water....Drink water. Not just to help keep you full, but it is healthy! Get moving. Take a walk, excersise. It will help get your mind off of your hunger and also you will be doing something positive for yourself. Visit this board often...helps keep me accountable. Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS on making such a great decision for yourself. Hugs, Jilli
  12. Edit... My post was moved from the jewish forum, a little personal for a recipe page...but Pat thank you for sharing! Hugs, Jilli [ December 03, 2003, 04:24 PM: Message edited by: JilliAgain ]
  13. Hi Ladies, This is a new favorite in my house...low points for obvious reasons and I thought I would share with you. Ingredients: 1 medium yellow zucchini squash 1 medium green zucchini 5 cloves smashed and chopped whole garlic small-medium eggplant Large can of Peeled whole Plum tomatoes Salt to taste Pam, any variety but butter Optional: Hard Shredded Romano Cheese Dice yellow zucchini squash, green zucchini and eggplant. I leave 1/2 the skin on the eggplant, it adds to the flavor. Cut up the tomatoes and add half the juice from the can. Add garlic and salt and stir. Cook on low for 7 hours and it makes a fabulous side dish. I actually prefer this the next day, the flavors really get a chance to simmer into each other when it cools down Enjoy without guilt buddies!! P.S. I sprinkle a tablespoon of Sorrento Shredded Romano Cheese on Top (listed at 20 calories, 1 gm fat) and YUM. You can find this in the cheese isle, where the shredded cheese hangs..its a smaller bag! Hugs, Jilli [ December 02, 2003, 07:29 PM: Message edited by: JilliAgain ]
  14. Thank you Buddies!! To be inspiring you must first be inspired and thats one of the major reasons I've lost this weight...you all inspire me!! Hugs, Jilli
  15. Hi Ladies, I finally got up the courage to put together my before and during pictures. I'm still in the process of losing, but I thought I would share my journey so far. Thank you to all of my bcb buddies who have encouraged me along the way, I couldn't of lost without all of you!! Hugs, Jilli http://www.PictureTrail.com/jilli2626 [ February 06, 2004, 08:48 AM: Message edited by: JilliAgain ]
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