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  1. i used to make this taco salad thing way back when that i thought of yesterday and realized it could totally be core with a few changes. i made it today, and it's so good! mix together: -kidney beans (i get the canned ones; drain and rinse) -black olives (i get the canned ones that are sliced) -onion, chopped -tomato, chopped (i think it works better if you remove seeds) -red pepper, chopped you can just eyeball the amounts and switch veggies/beans out however you want when you're ready to serve, add: -FF cheese (i prefer soy cheese, myself) -FF catalina dressing -smashed up doritos (optional....they give a nice crunch, though. i bought the baked ones and only used half a serving so that it'd only be 1 point!) so yummy! i'm sure you could probably add lean ground beef if you wanted to, but i already had chicken today and i'm not a huge meat eater.
  2. the only canadian bacon i could find at the store was packaged - it was in the same section as the packaged lunch meats. i'm guessing that it's not core then? is it something you're supposed to find at the meat counter?
  3. i've been lurking here for a few weeks, but i had to register to say that this is GOOD! i used diet orange pop instead of the apple juice. i used the splenda brown sugar and counted the points for it. 2 questions: 1) has anyone ever tried this in the crockpot? 2) for those who used splenda, how much did you use?
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