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  1. Hi SSKatie!


    Nice to see you here again! You should join us over on Getting Back to Goal thread, in the Buddy Groups section!




  2. I've enjoyed getting to know beans more fully! And talk about cheap! Speaking of soup, when I use canned soup, I throw in lots of frozen or fresh veggies in order to stretch the soup into 2-3 meals, and also to lower the total sodium content of the soup, cause it can be astounding! I also keep a price book where I list the lowest prices I've found anywhere for items, so I can tell when something is really a good bargain and when it's not. I shop at Kroger a lot, and find that if you go either late at night or early in the morning, you can find all kinds of things marked down -- bags of salad, breads, yogurt, meats, ..... I plan my meals around what I find on sale and what's marked down. Amazon has really good sales on Bob's Red Mill products, and on many other items that are good for CORE-bies. If you do the "subscribe and save," you save even more. (If you like buying from Amazon, get a Prime membership to get free shipping--it pays for itself many times over, or at least it has for me!)
  3. Julie, haven't read the book, but I will now! Thanks!
  4. Julie, all my life, I've seen Scarlett O'Hara in a negative light. It was my mother's favorite movie and I think she saw Scarlett as "shallow," maybe because she didn't worry about "tomorrow." As time has gone on, I've realized that Scarlett was really not shallow...she was smart and resourceful. And worrying about tomorrow DOES take your focus off today....the place where you need to pay your most attention. My mother's life was very tragic and she was very unhappy. She worried constantly about past, present, and future, medicating with alcohol, I believe that she thought her problems were much greater than anything Scarlett ever encountered, so that she deserved some medicating. I'm sorry to say that I tend to have somewhat of the same worry tendency, and I suppose I medicate with food. I don't share her philosophy that I "deserve" anything to squash my problems, though....I continue to work on (and have made progress with) coping in more productive ways. I actually enjoy getting older (in most ways!) and look forward to the future being better than my past, because I'm wiser each day. Just writing that helped...thanks!
  5. Soooo happy for you, BB!!!! Awesome!!!!
  6. I lost 150 lbs in my late 20's and everything "snapped" back pretty well. However, now I'm 55 and when the wind blows hard, I anchor myself to a tree so my batwings don't carry me away. I use all the extra skin to entertain my great nephew...you know, what's under my arms, my chins, my flabby belly. I'm a regular sideshow, I am! But seriously now...I feel like at some point when I get to my goal weight (I have about 90 lbs to go), I might want to get things "taken in a little", esp. my face and chins. Arms? I'll just let them flap around, I guess....and not go sleeveless. That's a small price to pay for getting all that extra weight off my poor bones and organs! I would do all the things that have been mentioned, and if you still feel like you're that self-conscious about your arms, make an appointment to see a plastic surgeon, and find out what your options are. Knowledge is power. But don't do what my aunt did, and be so upset about her saggy skin that she gained back the weight she lost!!
  7. Thanks for posting this -- I'm going to use turkey bacon.
  8. Excellent point!! I think sometimes we eat things that are not that tasty--or are downright icky--as maybe some type of punishment for being overweight. I had to get used to eating melba toast and boiled eggs as a child, both of which I hated, but I guess I thought it was some kind of penance for being a chubby child, because the things I really wanted tasted really good. I find myself sometimes doing the same now...and I've had to make myself work with what I'm cooking to make it taste as decadent as I can! That's why I like Devin Alexander's show and her cookbooks -- eating well shouldn't be boring and tasteless! Maybe these feelings are comparable to those who exercise fiercely as a kind of punishment....?
  9. Ahhhhhhh, Carol, congratulations, my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!:bcb_happy:bcb_up I couldn't be MORE happy for you!!!! Always thinking, always planning, never giving up -- you're pretty dern awesome!
  10. I think when people hear "eat beans everyday," they're thinking about a sitting down to a bowl of just plain ol' kinda-boring-looking pinto beans. There are literally hundreds of types of beans, and thousands of recipes using them in different ways/forms, where you can NEVER get bored of them!! That's just my opinion!
  11. Wow, why didn't I ever think of this??? This sounds wonderful. Thanks for bumping up!!
  12. For some reason, I usually find them on the top shelf!
  13. Thanks for this recipe! I'll use my toaster over which doesn't heat everything up as bad!
  14. I've thought a lot about this subject over the years. My highest weight was 375, and now, at 238, I have lots of loose skin -- I'm 56. I know I have to wait til I lose to my goal weight to even think about surgery, but, in my case, I already get irritation & skin problems with all the loose skin I have now. So, whereas I used to think that tummy tucks were all about vanity, I don't feel that any longer. Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting your body to look good, either! I'm already having to "fold" my stomach into my pants:bcb_grin so my decision would be more to be able to zip up without injury!! So, I would find a Dr (or two) to discuss this with, and make the decision that you think is right for you. And, of course, continue your toning and firming efforts. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
  15. I just had to post this find: http://www.beanbible.com/index.php I am drooling over some of the recipes!!
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