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  1. Hi All! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season I am about to re-commit and am taking a somewhat different approach this time. This time is about my HEALTH first and foremost. While thats always been a factor, my desire to fit into my skinny jeans or strut the beach in a bikini was my driving force (although I must admit achieving either of those would be great too) I am hoping to find some advice on "eating clean" and detoxifying foods that I can incorporate into my new lifestyle? Do any of you follow a similar "diet"(hate that word)? What are some good resources to gather more information on this? Let me specify I am NOT looking to fast or juice long-term or become a 'raw' foodist (I have a friend who is and frankly I dont have enough time to pseudo-prepare my food) TIA, you guys are great
  2. Name: Lauren/aka Meffy Where: Long Island,NY Married: Yep...One year on October 9th! (Together for 8) Kids: Not right now! My 3 fur-children are enough. Occupation: Dance Studio Owner Sports: To uncoordinated for real sports, But I love to Dance!!! And I can kinda jog ;0 Hobbies: Playing with my pups,crocheting,sitting in my hot-tub WW history: Always a chubby kid, grew out of it in my teens, but it came back with a vengence once I hit 21!!! Joined WW too many times, tried Jenny, atkins, south beach,cabbage soup, etc nothing worked. The only thing i lost was $$ and hope. I have just witnessed my mom and aunt, lose over 25 pounds each in 3 months on core and I became inspired. If they can do it , I can do it...and will. Perservearence is key, im not gonna give up this time.I am worth the effort!
  3. OMG!!!!! I am so inspired by you! Congratulations on an amazing transformation! Work it girls...you earned it!
  4. Meffy

    My First 5K's

    Well buddies- Ive done it . I have completed 3 5ks in the past 2 weeks and I feel great!!! Of course, I hate every minute of it while Im doing it but its that sence of accomplishment that brings me back. My time isnt great - avg. 10.2 minute mile, but Im not trying to get faster yet, im just working on finishing every race. Unfortunatly , howver the scale doesnt seem to be moving at the great pace I am , but I hope that will change soon. Thanks for letting me boast!!
  5. I dont know if anyone has tried these yet but they are great. I tried the turkey bacon club and it was delish!! 6 points for 2 wraps and a mini jello cup. You make the wraps with whole wheat tortillas, turkey , lowfat mayo, bacon bits, and 2% cheese. I have the ham and turkey one for today, I cant wait!! BTW, I dont remember the exact price ( around $4 I think ), but I found them at Pathmark on LI. It is a great luch and I highly recomend!!
  6. At my meeting on Monday, my leader mentioned that Applebees was adding 3(? I think) new Core items to their WW menu- HAs anyone else heard of this ?? Any idea what the new foods might be?? Thanks Buddies
  7. I remember them being high, like 3 or 4 points for one. Thats why I switched to Vodka and diet soda, only 2 points per serving and tastes a lot liks the smirnoff ice drinks. I just had vanilla vodka and diet cream soda on Friday....yummy!!!!
  8. Is it core?? Its so hard to decipher what is /is not core!! If fruit is and splenda is, should that be as well?? HELP! Thanks Buddies
  9. Meffy


    I love to put hummus on crackers, make a sandwich out of it etc.... But now for core Ill use it just on veggies as a dip. Try it , its goooood!
  10. Meffy


    This is one of my fave things to snack on - but is it core??? I thought that garbanzo beans are core so if I make my own with just a little oil and garlic in the processor would that be core??? Just wondering- Thanks
  11. OMG!! I love Baja Fresh- and there shrimp salad is my fave! So having that is core! I hope so, becuase it doesnt look like I have many other options- Thank you buddies so much! Meffy
  12. Just wondering if anything at any fast food place could be considered core. I bought the complete food guide with the new core additions , but not the dining out guide. Any helpful hints out there_ Thanks
  13. I just joined- this is such a great idea! Thank you !
  14. Thank you , I have been trying to add more walking into my run- ( that sounds so wierd!)
  15. Thanks! I dont think we have a Super Walmart, only the plain ole' Walmart- Im gonna have to check this out-
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