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  1. Hi All! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season I am about to re-commit and am taking a somewhat different approach this time. This time is about my HEALTH first and foremost. While thats always been a factor, my desire to fit into my skinny jeans or strut the beach in a bikini was my driving force (although I must admit achieving either of those would be great too) I am hoping to find some advice on "eating clean" and detoxifying foods that I can incorporate into my new lifestyle? Do any of you follow a similar "diet"(hate that word)? What are some good resources to gather more information on this? Let me specify I am NOT looking to fast or juice long-term or become a 'raw' foodist (I have a friend who is and frankly I dont have enough time to pseudo-prepare my food) TIA, you guys are great
  2. Name: Lauren/aka Meffy Where: Long Island,NY Married: Yep...One year on October 9th! (Together for 8) Kids: Not right now! My 3 fur-children are enough. Occupation: Dance Studio Owner Sports: To uncoordinated for real sports, But I love to Dance!!! And I can kinda jog ;0 Hobbies: Playing with my pups,crocheting,sitting in my hot-tub WW history: Always a chubby kid, grew out of it in my teens, but it came back with a vengence once I hit 21!!! Joined WW too many times, tried Jenny, atkins, south beach,cabbage soup, etc nothing worked. The only thing i lost was $$ and hope. I have just witnessed my mom and aunt, lose over 25 pounds each in 3 months on core and I became inspired. If they can do it , I can do it...and will. Perservearence is key, im not gonna give up this time.I am worth the effort!
  3. OMG!!!!! I am so inspired by you! Congratulations on an amazing transformation! Work it girls...you earned it!
  4. Meffy

    My First 5K's

    Well buddies- Ive done it . I have completed 3 5ks in the past 2 weeks and I feel great!!! Of course, I hate every minute of it while Im doing it but its that sence of accomplishment that brings me back. My time isnt great - avg. 10.2 minute mile, but Im not trying to get faster yet, im just working on finishing every race. Unfortunatly , howver the scale doesnt seem to be moving at the great pace I am , but I hope that will change soon. Thanks for letting me boast!!
  5. I dont know if anyone has tried these yet but they are great. I tried the turkey bacon club and it was delish!! 6 points for 2 wraps and a mini jello cup. You make the wraps with whole wheat tortillas, turkey , lowfat mayo, bacon bits, and 2% cheese. I have the ham and turkey one for today, I cant wait!! BTW, I dont remember the exact price ( around $4 I think ), but I found them at Pathmark on LI. It is a great luch and I highly recomend!!
  6. At my meeting on Monday, my leader mentioned that Applebees was adding 3(? I think) new Core items to their WW menu- HAs anyone else heard of this ?? Any idea what the new foods might be?? Thanks Buddies
  7. I remember them being high, like 3 or 4 points for one. Thats why I switched to Vodka and diet soda, only 2 points per serving and tastes a lot liks the smirnoff ice drinks. I just had vanilla vodka and diet cream soda on Friday....yummy!!!!
  8. Is it core?? Its so hard to decipher what is /is not core!! If fruit is and splenda is, should that be as well?? HELP! Thanks Buddies
  9. Meffy


    I love to put hummus on crackers, make a sandwich out of it etc.... But now for core Ill use it just on veggies as a dip. Try it , its goooood!
  10. Meffy


    This is one of my fave things to snack on - but is it core??? I thought that garbanzo beans are core so if I make my own with just a little oil and garlic in the processor would that be core??? Just wondering- Thanks
  11. OMG!! I love Baja Fresh- and there shrimp salad is my fave! So having that is core! I hope so, becuase it doesnt look like I have many other options- Thank you buddies so much! Meffy
  12. Just wondering if anything at any fast food place could be considered core. I bought the complete food guide with the new core additions , but not the dining out guide. Any helpful hints out there_ Thanks
  13. I just joined- this is such a great idea! Thank you !
  14. Thank you , I have been trying to add more walking into my run- ( that sounds so wierd!)
  15. Thanks! I dont think we have a Super Walmart, only the plain ole' Walmart- Im gonna have to check this out-
  16. I was just posting about WW snacks and tried to google them to find out where to buy them, when I cam across this- http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/food/fdb/cupboard.aspx I am so jelaous!!!! Now, I have done JC and hated the prepacked food all the time , but these seem to be great options for those of us who need some easy options- and they have WW wine too! Why is there such a gap in the products offered between the US/UK?? Will we be getting any of these products soon?? I hope so
  17. Hi, I live in LI and I keep reading about all the new WW goodies, the cakes and muffins, but I cannot find them anywhere by me . I will travel to get them so if anyone lives in the tri-state area and has found these , please let me know! Thanks
  18. Thanks so much! I cant wait to try it tonight!
  19. Hi I bought a box of spiced pumpkin muffin mix (yummmmy). The mix itselff is only 2 points per serving and I want ot keep it that way- What can I use to substitute for the 3 tbsp oil and 2 eggs needed? Thanks
  20. Hi - I have been jogging 3x a week for a little over a month however, I have been sporadicly jogging for the past year. As of yet, I am only able to go for 2 miles and then I am DONE. I am young (25) , but was a very heavy smoker up until 3 years ago. I would really like to break through that level , any tips? Or am I where I should be at this point ? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
  21. Thanks a bunch!!!!! I hope they are good!
  22. I found these great Brownies and blondies online They are 180 Calories , 0 fat and 6.5 Dietary Fiber- They were just delivered and I want one, but was unsure as to the points since I l left my slider at home- I guessed 3? Please Help BCB'ers- Meffy
  23. Meffy

    Cola chicken

    This is by far the best tasting, most satifying meal ive had in a long time. Dont knock it till you try it! Im going to pass it off as BBQ chiken to DB and see if he even notices, Im sure he wont. Bon Apetite!
  24. Meffy

    Cola chicken

    This is by far the best tasting, most satifying meal ive had in a long time. Dont knock it till you try it! Im going to pass it off as BBQ chiken to DB and see if he even notices, Im sure he wont. Bon Apetite!
  25. Meffy

    A good day!

    Ive been promoted to a Private and I lost 1.2 pounds last week!!! it was a Good day
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