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  1. Welcome, Shandryl and Gillart!! We are glad to have you!!!
  2. I usually eat the same thing for a week at a time and this week it is my oatmeal with a sliced banana in it!!!! yummm
  3. The thing I am hearing the most on these boards about the new points plus program is that most items have went up a point or two. Since it seems we are missing all the 1 point goodies we are so use to having, how about if and when anyone comes across a good 1 point item we post it here for now so everyone can get comfortable with NEW 1 point foods and treats Thanks everyone!!!
  4. I have the calculator sitting on the counter when I get home with the groceries and I sit and calulate as I put everything away and then I make a list of the items on the refridgerator for quick reference.
  5. I am wondering how everyone is doing on the new plan? Personally I love it I think that I was very bored with the program. I was having a hard time staying on plan although I did stay OP my food became boring. I realize some things have gone up in points but they also give us more points to work with so it is a mind set if you cannot get past some items going up a point or two it really is a nice change and you will become comfortable with the new plan
  6. Now that the new program is out I wonder how many of you will decide to stay with your original points program? BTW I do like the new program alot I will be making the change!!!
  7. I didn't need to buy the new kit but I did everything fresh and new!!!! I have etools but really only use it for recipes and things of that nature, i have to actually write in a jounal!!!! I think the buttons on the new calculator are really SMALL!!!!!
  8. I am so glad all of you are back and I know together we can all do this!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Good Friday Morning Clara and all to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee it is Friday I am ready for the holiday weekend. We are also cooking out on Sunday and then monday we will get ready for the work week and relax!!!!!! I am making a huge salad for sunday too. What is everyones plans for the holiday?
  10. Good Evening everyone!!!!! Long couple of days I have been really busy with my mom. she gets chemo every 3rd thursday and then the next 7-8 days she is really ill and cannot take care of herself so I have not been online hardly at all. I have been OP and also absolutely loving my Wii fit. The hula hoop definately gives you workout but it is funny to be doing the hula hoop with no hoop lol!!! Denise I think your decision on the surgery is a good one especially if the stress lifted so quickly after you decided to wait on it. Clara I find it really strange about the books being read so quickly because since I quit I am not near as much of an avid or quick reader anymore hmmm strange I just wanted to pop on for a minute and check in and see everyone here. Good night all
  11. Good Evening Everyone!!!! My day was way too busy today... I dont even want to type it all!!! We bought a Nintendo Wii and the Fit program OMG it is hysterical I love doing the hula hoop and I feel like I am getting a great workout in a short amount of time!!!!! I am staying OP and gettingin my exercise too I am so excited Where is Laurie??????
  12. Im back!!!!!! Good evening everyone I was on a little junket with my mom again we are trying to take advantage of every chance we get to do something we do it. Her cancer is in operable and incurable so we are making every minute count!!!!! It is hard to stay OP when you are constantly going somewhere but I seem to be doing very well I was down 1.2 this weekend at my weigh in. Denise in my opinion do the surgery deductible is paid it is a minor surgery and what do you have to lose except a little pain in your arm. especially what if it gets worse in Januray or February then you are paying the deductible all over again just my two cents!!!! Laurie where are you?????
  13. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Good Evening everyone Denise sorry about the treadmill waaaaaaaaaah Jill Im glad you have a handle on it I was OP and still am just very tired mom to the doctor PartyLite show joseph to the doctor mom to look at a dog my day seems endless here it si 10:45 at night and I am just getting here for the first time today
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