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  1. Ok I am making a Schwanns turkey mignon for supper.The turkey is five points.I am fixing 4 mignons and will be frying it in 1tablespoon of oil.How do I count this? Thanks, Ronda
  2. If I remember correctly and mind you this is from the old plan but can be far off.Duncan Hines portion size is 1/12th of the cake.I believe the points for just the cake was 6 points.Not sure of the frosting as I always made cupcakes and used 2 tbsp. of the whipped icing.It made the cupcake 3 points.HTH
  3. Hey everybody.I'm looking for an eggplant parmesan recipe that was given in some WW literature awhile back.I've lost mine but remember how good the dish was.Do any of you have it? Thanks, Ronda
  4. Hello everyone.Yes I'm back and determined.I rejoined last week but WW scales could not weigh me.Does anyone know how high the scales go?The only reason I know what I weigh is I have a scale at home that goes to 500. Thanks for your help.
  5. No Texas toast,dressing is on the side.The chicken looks to be about 3 oz..I figured if I ordered it no cheese it would be 3 to 4 points tops.I'm scared now to trust that.What do you think? Ronda
  6. Does anyone know the point value of the Sonic Frilled chicken salad minus the onion ring?I checked their website but there is no way without the onion ring it is 8 points.It says 355 cal. 17 grams of fat and 3 fiber.I just don't see it.There is probably at the most 2 tblsp of cheese and maybe 3 ounces of chicken.The rest is lettuce and red cabbage and cherry tomatos.How would you count it?Oh and yes I have recomitted with gusto. Thanks
  7. I just found these.You approx. 20 pretzels for 2 pts..I like to weigh them out to one ounce because sometimes you get more by weighing.They are kind of spicy and the first preztel I've ever found to be filling.
  8. Hey I want to make this for my family and have made the following calculations:(please tell me if this sounds right to you all) The ground beef I use says 4oz. is 150 calories and 4 grams of fat.I only use 12oz. cooked for recipe,this comes to 10 points.I will use one pack of taco seasoning 1.5pts.,3/4 cup of reduced bisquick 6pts.,1 1/4 cup skim milk 2.5pts.,eggbeaters to equal 3 eggs 3pts. and 1 cup ff shredded cheese 4pts..When I work this all up and put into my calculator it comes to 4.5 pts. per serving at 6 servings.Does this sound right to you all?
  9. iam2chunky

    Banana Split ???

    I tried this recipe tonight and it was a hit.I think it may need to chill overnight to set better.This is definitly a keeper.
  10. I just wanted to say I tried this recipe Saturday night and my family loved it.My Ds is a meatloaf junkie and I was worried he would not like it.I didn't have to worry long.He devoured it.When I make a new low fat recipe or we try something new we sit round the table and each vote whether it's a keeper or a throw away.This ones a keeper.Thanks for posting it.
  11. This is so funny this was mine and DH's topic of conversation last night.He gets a little sad too.I reminded him that when I met him I was a 36C and I don't think they would go any lower than that.Men are something else aren't they? :rolleyes:
  12. 8 vegetable stew 2 onions 2 carrots (or 1/2 lb peeled baby carrots) 2 red peppers 2 tomatoes 2 ribs of celery 1 cup mushrooms 1 zucchini 1/2 pound fresh green beans 1 cup tomato paste 1TB of sugar 1 dash of salt salsa to taste -about 1/4 cup slice onions,carrots,red pepper,tomatoes,celery,mushrooms,and zucchini,setting tomatoes aside saute all plus green beans in your favorite sautee liquid for 10 mins..add tomato paste,sugar,salt,tomatoes and salsa with 1 cup water.cover and cook 20 mins.serves 4 to 6 You can also cook this in the crockpot.I would probably use chicken broth to sautee in.I found this today and thought it might nice and filling and low points. Thanks
  13. Oh this is so good.It is definetly a keeper.Everybody asked what kind of crust it was.I told them it was homemade. I will for sure make this again.My DH is hard to please and even he liked it.
  14. Thank you.I wanted to make sure I allotted enough points to try this tonight.My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
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