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  1. I clicked the link and answered my own question... thanks again all! ~G~
  2. Thanks so much for the help - is the calculator online for points plus?
  3. Ah, yes, forgot about that... Protein - 2g
  4. Anyone reading with a point calculator, can you calculate this with PP please? Cal - 110 Fat - 0 Carbs - 26 Fib - 0 This was the cereal I ate with the intent to find out the points values. Thanks G
  5. I have a question for everyone... I cannot get a calculator until next week, as all of the centres near me have none. I tried to sign up for my free 2 week e-tools pass so I can at least figure out what I need until then. Now it will not let me register for my free things until I put in a credit card number!! I do not have a credit card, by choice! How am I supposed to do this? I have been using the general values in the books, and asking people here, but this really frustrates me! Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else have this problem? Sorry for the rant, but I am really disappointed by this. ~G~
  6. Hi friends! I am wondering what all of you use for cheese these days? I am not a huge fan of the laughing cow, and I LOVE my cheddar, mozzarella, swiss and feta cheese.... Any suggestions or pp values that you can share? The pocket guide doesn't give specifics... only soft, hard and semi soft... Any suggestions would be great! I am in a smaller city that doesn't have a whole lot of selection, but it is getting better! Glenda
  7. Hi all! I stocked up on a bunch of the SmartOnes frozen meals as they are super cheap right now..(probably to make room for new PP versions). I literally have just started the new program and have yet to get a calculator (sold out). I hope to get one soon. Can anyone tell me how to convert the old meals to the new points plus? I want to record it in my daily log. Today I ate the Cranberry Turkey Medallions 4 points - old version Calories - 250 Fat - 2g Carbs - 43 g Fibre - 4 g Protein - 16g Not sure if this helps or if it can be looked up on line.... If you have a link, feel free to post it! Thanks so much! Glenda
  8. I only have a moment, but this is Glenda, and I am back. Rejoined today and can't wait to explore the new program! Hello to all my old friends and to my new ones! Talk to you soon! Glenda
  9. I cannot wait to try this recipe! I LOVE cabbage rolls but have never tried to make them - not good at stuff like that. I wonder if my kids will eat it..... Do you have to go to a butcher for 96% ff ground sirloin? Glenda
  10. Hi Charmed! Welcome to BCB, home of kicks in the butt and wonderful love and support! Have fun, and get posting! Glenda
  11. Thanks! I also got the link to the Subway website, so I can figure every detail out! G
  12. Can anyone help me count this? I went to Subway yesterday and had a good, healthy sub. I had them put 2 slices on natural orange cheese (cheddar) It was 2 triangles, or the equivalent of one square. My guide doesn't seem to have the points for that, or I am misunderstanding it. Anyone know the points for this? I will repost in 100+ as I hang there a lot. Thanks in advance! Glenda
  13. AWESOME! Good for you! Keep it up! Glenda
  14. I agree - take it easy and let your body do it's job. Don't force yourself to eat, either... soon you will be back to your old self again. Glenda
  15. Is this really 8 points for the entire end product? So if it was divided into 4 portions, each would be 2 points? Or am I having a clueless moment.... Sounds good! Glenda
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