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  1. We really like Smucker's SF syrup!
  2. Oh girl, there is NO comparasion between the plain and garlic and herb. I bought one box of the plain and thought they were too sweet and lacked ka-pow! Garlic and herb are awesome!!
  3. I think WR flour is W-R Flour, which is a brandname. I ran this through Mastercook and got 1.40 points.
  4. Kelly you have to take the calories and fat grams into consideration. My bet is they are probably 1 point, but please run them through the slider before counting them as 1. Wonderful pictures, by the way!
  5. I've bought them off e-bay too and used them without a problem.
  6. I'm with you, goneastray! It does not even resemble cheesecake, why they named it that is beyond me. I have a couple of boxes of it still on my shelf and am thinking I'll add some lemon zest and maybe some vanilla to give it a more palatable taste. It's not good... I don't know what the people at Jell-o were thinking on this one.
  7. You are already an inspiration! Welcoming you with open arms!!
  8. This sounds to die for!! DH and I had a favorite place that served a much less point friendly version of this, but it closed! Now, I can have my low point burger and eat it too!!
  9. Isn't that pepperoni awesome, Arlene! I keep it on hands always. We slip it into omelets, put it on sandwiches and just much it out of the bag. SOOOOO good and guilt free too!
  10. Arlene, the total list of ingredients is for 9 servings, so you'd have to divide that 4 1/2 teaspoons of oil by 9. By plcm's numbers, we could divide that 120 calories for oil by 9, making 13 calories of oil for each serving. Hope this helps.
  11. The recipe says it's 9 servings, the calories are per serving. I can't wait to try this!
  12. I've never heard of either one of those, but you might have luck if you google them. There are endless recipes out there and I've been able to find some I thought were lost forever. Good Luck!!
  13. For school lunch, the possiblilites are endless! A little pre-planning is what it takes. First thing that comes to mind is a turkey breast sandwich on whole grain bread with a slice of 2% American Cheese. Delish and so good for you. Get some of those tiny carrots and put a handful of them in a ziplock bag for something crunchy. For afterschool, how about slipping a bag of 94% FF popcorn in your backpack with a diet soda? Pop it when you get to your friends house and ask for a glass of ice. There ya go! Apples travel well, as do oranges. Good luck, with a little planning you can do this!
  14. Sounds like an awesome quick to grab breakfast/snack! Thanks, I'll be making a batch in the morning.
  15. I love the sounds of the recipe with one exception, (and I'm a total CHEESE LOVER!!) I think I'll leave the cheese out. Don't know why, but the cheese just doesn't sound good to me. Maybe I'll sprinkle some Parmesan on it when served I love warm and cozy things like this!
  16. Here's the link from the Hebrew National site...it even mentions the fact they are one point on WW. http://www.hebrewnational.com/pages/products/franks/fatfree_franks.jsp
  17. Thank-you, judy to the third power!! I've been picking up the regular Hebrews at Wal-Mart and I don't believe they have the LF ones, but believe me I'll be checking everywhere I go! I bet I can get DH and DS to eat THOSE LF weeeenies!
  18. 97% FF Hebrew Nationals??? Where oh where can I find those?? We LOVE Hebrew Nationals, but I gave up eating them because of the points.
  19. Hey, thanks! I love Ranch and this one looks great. I'll be mixing up a batch as soon as I get another quart of buttermilk in the house.
  20. Weight Watcher's or not, what a great habit for EVERYONE to develop!! Imagine the reduction of overweight kids if they swapped the candybars for an apple!
  21. ....maybe next time she should put a couple of rolls of quarters in each pocket and drink a gallon of water before weighing!
  22. Ripe bananas freeze beautifully. I peel them, wrap them individually in plastic wrap and put them in a freezer bag. Pull out what you need and use them in recipes or smoothies! I always have some in the freezer ready for action!
  23. I bet these would also be great with the canned chicken breast I buy at Sam's! I pack hubby a week's worth of food at a time (he's an longhaul driver) These would be wonderful for him too!
  24. I woudn't add anything for the light beer, the only way you could possibly figure points would be to pour out what liquid was left after the brats boiled, and divide the liquid in half and measure what is left. If 6 ounces of the beer was absorbed (NO way that would happen!) you would only have 1/4 point of beer in each brat. So... enjoy!!
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