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  1. Today I ate a very large meringue (~6" diameter) with some chocolate chips in it. Looking up meringue values, I see a serving of 4 Miss Meringue chocolate chip cookies is 2 points... This huge meringue was about the size of 4 normal meringues.... so should I count it for 2? Many thanks!
  2. This was so good! Lasted for days also!
  3. If I have enough Flexpoints left at the end of the week to go to In N Out and eat a cheeseburger and order of fries (20 points altogether).... Is that "legal"? MANY THANKS! The program has changed since Winning Points I guess....
  4. From WW 5-ingredient 15-minute Cookbook~ 1 lb ground round 1 15-oz can Italian-Style Tomato Sauce (I use spaghetti sauce in a jar) Cooking Spray 1 10-oz can refrigerated pizza crust dough 1-1/2 c. (6 oz) preshredded part-skim mozzarella cheese 1) Preheat Oven to 425. 2) Cook meat in nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until browned, stirring until it crumbls. Drain, if necessary, and return to skillet. Add tomato sauce, and cook until heated. 3) While meat cooks, coat a 13x9 baking dish with cooking spray. Unroll pizza crust dough and press into bottom and halfway up sides of baking dish. Top bottom of pizza crust with meat mixture 4) Bake uncovered at 425 for 12 minutes. Top with cheese, and bake 5 minutes longer or until crust is browned and cheese melts. Cool 5 minutes before serving. Yield 6 servings POINTS 6 EXCHANGES 2 Starch 2 Lean Meat PER SERVING Cal 277 Carb 28.5 g Fat 7.7g (2.1g saturated) Fiber 1.6 g Protein 22.6 g Cholesterol 49 mg Sodium 667 mg Calcium 208 mg Iron 3.1 mg The whole family likes this one! If you mess up and put the cheese on early by mistake, it will still work. Nice lunch the next day too!
  5. I made this and mixed in a bag of mixed frozen veggies. I did the tater tot version. One little thing, the night I served it, it was very runny and did not hold together like a true casserole. After refrigerating and reheating it made a more solid casserole (the potato starch must have done something) and everyone liked it much better. My family grades me on meals and this one earned a C+/B- the night I served it, but bumped up to a B+ the next day. If you are making this, you might want to let it set for about 10 minutes before serving it.
  6. It was soooo yummy! The whole family gave it a thumbs-up!
  7. I'm going to try this one! I had to SQUINT at the screen, wondering what you meant by "Tom Spinach." Spinach with tomatoes? Doh, I finally figured it out... TORN spinach. Yow I was picturing cooked spinach with tomatoes in it! Heh... I am new-ish, recommitted after 3 years or so off the wagon. I have ~32 pounds to lose now. Anyone knwo how I get my little ticker image to display?
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