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  1. The bottle says it's not suitable for baking or frying... I thought baking referred to baked goods, such as cakes or cookies. So, last night I fixed salmon for dinner and decided to drizzle some Smart Squeeze on it. Big Mistake! Even though it's liquid, it didn't melt! (It just sort of changed consistancy.) The kids asked "What's this yellow stuff on the fish?" Now I know not to put it in the oven... period!
  2. Ditto the comment about children's aspirin! My leader said it tastes like a Dreamsicle (which I love), but I thought it had a VERY artificial flavor. I had one (expensive) swallow and dumped the rest. I DO like the chocolate flavor, though! I mix it up in my smoothie machine with lots of ice. It makes plenty to share with dd, so instead of a single 3pt serving, I get two 1 1/2 pt servings. (We've been having one a day!) Cathy
  3. Last week I bought "Smart Squeeze", a ff margarine spread, mainly for my daughter who's counting points, but loves lots of margarine on a baked potato. I REALLY like it! It only has 5 cal. per tablespoon and has a nice flavor. Besides a baked potato, I've had it on corn, and even spread it on toast! (It's not suitable for baking or frying, though.)
  4. I've always thought that Flex Points was the WW way of implementing the Wendy plan!
  5. I think this is just the cereal for DD who LOVES anything sweet! (And, did I see a mention of marshmallows? She thinks Lucky Charms are the best!)
  6. IHOP is also very accomodating. They can make Eggbeater veggie omlets. (Hey, I like yellow omlets), and they even have "diet" syrup, if you ask for it. Egg whites are definitely less expensive (in Houston) than Eggbeaters. Sometimes I mix the two. In salads, I also use one regular hard-boiled egg with an extra hard-boiled egg white to stretch it, out without adding points. I do use a single egg white ("fried" in Pam), for easy low-point breakfast sandwiches. (yum!)
  7. Carol, Like a ...Brat? I'm going to look for these! We don't have Costco, but Sam's is nearby! Cathy
  8. One of my favorite grilled treats is corn, grilled in its husk (soak in water first). It's only 1 or 2 pts (depending on size), and if it's good sweet corn, no butter is needed. Sometimes, I sprinkle with seasoning, such as lemon pepper or Cajun. Also, it's a great low-point treat if you happen to find it at a picnic, theme park, etc.!
  9. DietV-8 Splash (tropical blend) is a great breakfast drink! It's loaded with vitiamins and has 0 pts in an 8oz glass! I LOVE it! I start almost every day with a water bottle followed by a glass of this drink (doesn't taste like V8!)
  10. (Oops...Sorry for the accidental click on "add reply") Here are some typical lunch items that I mix-and-match: Sandwiches 3-pt version 1 pt. bun 4-6 slices of lean deli ham (pre-packaged) 1 slice 2% cheese Dijon mustard (optional) (warm all briefly in microwave to melt cheese) 2-pt version 2 slices 1-pt bread 4-6 slices of lean deli ham or turkey lettuce, tomatoe, pickle, onion, mustard, as desired Soup Healthy Crock-pot soup! (I count as 2 pts) (add one Sam's meatball for 1 extra point) Extras lo-fat yogurt FF Pringles Mini rice cakes (the flavored kind) Diet V-8 Splash Tropical Blend (in a water bottle) assorted fruits and veggies
  11. I like to plan low-point breakfasts and lunches, so I can eat whatever I serve my family for dinner. For lunch, I feel don't like to do "lunch in a box" (frozen entrees, usually about 6 pts.), because I can make more filling, less-points meals myself, and I usually don't have time to heat them anyway! (I'm also a teacher, with little time for lunch!) Here are some typical lunch items that I mix-and-match: Sandwiches 1 pt. bun 4-6 sl
  12. This is SO good (think: mango pinaeapple flavor)! I drink it almost every morning (before my coffee) and it's loaded with vitamins A, C and E! Plus, it's 0 points, because it's sweetened with Splenda. (Sometimes, I fill an empty water bottle with it to take in my lunch)
  13. How about a poll? (for current diet cola drinkers only?)
  14. Forget the microwave! Heat up a pan with some coking spray and "fry" them. (I usually defrost in the microwave first, though.) I think the patties make a great breakfast sandwich on a 1-pt Sara Lee mini-bagel! (Side note: our family doesn't eat meat on Fridays during lent, and DH asked me what I was eating last week... he thought I was eating meat!)
  15. I found them in the bread aisle. (The packaging is more like what you would find pretzels or other snacks in, rather than your typical bread package.)They were on a special display, so I think they may be a new item. Here is their web page
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