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  1. I KNOW all of you are dedicated to WW, but here's the deal......... I've been eating VERY clean and doing The Firm for a couple of weeks now with a little loss in inches, but a gain on the scale. I've done WW for many years and needed a break from Flex so I switched to Core, well........something must not be quite right because I'm gaining and not losing. I was wondering if I should take a break and try the eating plan that came with my TransFIRMer or maybe go back to Flex. Any thoughts? Anybody have any results from The Firm's eating plan? Thanks, Marcia.
  2. I did it - I bought the TransFIRMer last night and I'm very excited to get started on the first workout tonight when I get home. I went into their website to check out the 30 day free trial membership, but they ask for my credit card, etc. and I hate giving that out over the internet. Is it really worth it??? I realize that there is no cost for 30 days, but I'm curious as to if you actually use it? And, how do they know when you 30 days are up and what is the cost if you don't cancel before that? Thanks, Marcia
  3. Hi everyone: Well - I took The Firm 10 workout challenge and did not get the results I was hoping for AT ALL. I was very faithfully with my workouts, gave it 100% and ate very clean. I waited to weigh myself until the challenge was over and I GAINED 4 pounds. P-L-E-A-S-E tell me that this could be muscle???? My clothes do fit just a very little bit better, but I was sure hoping for some AWESOME results like the infomercial says. Any comments? Feedback? Help?? Kick in the butt?? Thanks - I enjoy doing them for the most part so I will probably give it another 10 workouts and see what happens then? Maybe my body just needs to catch up to the exercise???? ~Marcia~
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so completely flattered that you answered my post. I've seen you EVERYWHERE and I am so inspired by you. I've been doing The Firm now for 5 workouts and can tell a little bit. I've promised myself not to step on the scale until after the 10 workouts so that I can see what the results are. If I see some good results I'm going to get the TransFIRMer and DVD's to go with it. Did you like that series? And the new step? It looks like a lot of fun! Thanks again, Marcia.
  5. I've decided to ask this question to get some good motivation from all of you 'Firm Believers' I saw the infomercial this morning for the transfirmer and it looks awesome, BUT before I spend that kind of money on more exercise videos I wanted a little feedback on The Firm itself. I borrowed three of The Firm tapes from a co-worker who bought the last promotion they had. So, I decided that I would give them the 10-workout test and if I saw results like they say I will go ahead and order the Transfirmer. What were your results with the 10-workout claim? Any comments would be very much appreciated, thanks. Take care, Marcia
  6. How many times a week should I be exercising with the FIRM to get maximum results? Thanks, ~Marcia~
  7. OK - I'm sure that this is too early to judge, but UGH!!! I've done four days straight of the FIRM tapes and, of course, my luck - I was up 3 pounds this morning. Now, I know - way too early to judge, but it sure depressed me because I was feeling really good and I was OP, too. But, I'm hoping it's just muscle building or water retention. ~Marcia~
  8. I have been on WW for a while now and have lost approximately 10 pounds. I "used" to be a big exerciser, but have been so busy that I haven't had time. So, I decided that I need to get back into it for my own stress level for one. I LOVE to exercise, anything at all. I decided to borrow three FIRM tapes from a co-worker and see if the "See results in 10 workouts or less" would happen for me. What results have any of you had? How many times a week do you do the FIRM tapes? Thanks for any ideas and/or results that you may have had. ~Marcia~
  9. HI: I've started a walking club here at work where the employee wears a pedometer at all times and records their steps each day. At the end of the week I tally them up and give an award/prize to whomever had the most steps for the week. Well, I've run out of ideas for any prizes. Does anybody have any ideas? I have about $5-7 dollars to spend on each of the prizes. Thanks in advance ~Marcia~
  10. Hi, eveybuddy: I'm in a rut and thinking about changing back to Flex. I started CORE right away when it was introduced and loved it. I lost a few and had some success, but now I'm in a rut and having trouble stopping when full, etc. I do miss the variety of the Flex, but LOVE the idea of eating without writing it down with CORE. Has anybody made the switch back? Any advice or ideas? Thanks a lot, Marcia
  11. Hi: I just received a huge bunch of rhubarb from a friend of mine. Now, I need some WW friendly recipes to use them for. Does anybody have any to share? Thanks. Marcia
  12. Hi Jill: WATP tapes are great if you need something low impact, that's for sure. But, don't underestimate them, either, they are a good workout. My legs are always feeling it afterwards and sometimes the next day, too. I'd get one that has at least a 3 mile walk. That way you can always cut it short because of time, etc. This way you get more for your money. Good luck, Marcia
  13. Hi everybuddy: I just wanted to get my 2 cents worth in here today. I would consider myself an exercise fanantic - I LOVE IT! Any kind at all. I've been extremely busy with life lately and haven't found too much time to get in a good workout so I purchased the Walk Away The Pounds Express 3 mile DVD. I got up this morning at 4:45am and put that little baby in the player and did it. I was skeptical at first because I figured that it wouldn't be much of a workout, BUT I was wrong......it's a great workout, but like all exercise you get out of it what you put into it. I finished and was sweating. In fact, I can feel it in my legs today as I walk around at work. It's a great purchase! Marcia.
  14. Thanks Donna, That was a great article. Marcia.
  15. I'm here for some help. I just realized that I'm a full-blown closet eater. I eat whenever I'm alone and it's not the good stuff either. I exercise and eat good all day, but once I'm alone at home or work, etc. I eat! Even after I put my son to bed my body just moves right to the fridge - UGH!?!?!?! Any suggestions? Thanks, Marcia.
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