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  1. How long do you cook it before you add the cheese?
  2. I don't have it, but I haven't heard good things about it. I probably won't get it because Jenny McCarthy seriously bugs me down to my core, but aside from that, I've heard that the commercial and the product do not line up. The camera is either too sensitive or not sensitive enough, is delayed, or just plain doesn't work. It's not really a workout, the controls don't work right, and on and on. I would (if I were you) wait a bit and see what the solid reviews are before I dropped $70 on it. Just sayin.
  3. I just got it a few days ago from my kids for my birfday. So far, I like it. There are some really easy things on it, and some tricky things. Nothing seriously hard, but I must say I put in 30 minutes on it yesterday, running, boxing, and strength training, and I woke up sore this morning. My favorites so far are the boxing and the strength training. It has it so you can pick what part of your body you want to isolate and gives you different weight-free exercises to strengthen and tone. I did a triceps exercise yesterday that just about took me out, but I'd do it again. It also has yoga, which I have yet to try, and it has "running" where you can pair up or do a 10 minute "run" on your own, through a park and whatnot. Keeps you moving. If you were doing the Firm everyday and went to this, you may get bored, but I think it's fun and a nice break from the treadmill/eliptical/bike. And it sucks the energy from my boy, which is a Godsend. Let me know if there's anything else you want to know:D.
  4. I just caught this. Thank you, CW. It was a good day.
  5. Oh Lordy, that will be me, I just know it. At least I'll have someone to relate to:bcb_blushwhen it's all over and the ambulance comes to take me away. You are a brave soul.
  6. I kid you not, the woman I'm going with is so competitive, she told me after her first spin class she threw up and passed out. I am the opposite of competitive, so I'm interested as to how this will pan out...
  7. I have been invited to partake in a spin class this coming Friday, my very first. At 5:30 am:bcb_sick:. I don't want to overthink this(I'm really good at talking myself out of things), but I'd like to know what to expect. Especially at 5:30 am:bcb_sick:. Did I mention how early it is? What do I wear? Eat before? Throw up after? I'm kinda nervous, but excited. Please any advice... I didn't sleep well last night, kept having nightmares pertaining to exercise(imagine that!)but was up at 4:30 no problem. The class was hard, I went at my own pace and was ready to quit after 15 minutes, but went another 15 minutes, and then another, and then we were done. I didn't do alot of the standing(couldn't do it properly), but I pushed myself harder then I would've otherwise. Unfortunately now, I feel awful, I'm exhausted and have a raging case of heartburn(probably from coffee before class). I'm surprised I got through it, but I don't think I'll do it again. BTW, who designed the seats on those spin bikes? It's like a modern day torture device. In other words, I'm still alive.
  8. I'd be happy in my size 8 khaki summer shorts:bcb_bigsm. I'm allergic to bathing suits, they make my skin stick out.
  9. Thanks for your input, every bit helps.
  10. I'm good with that. I don't want to go crazy wrestler style body type, just healthy.
  11. Thank you for your help. I know you're extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness, and I appreciate your input:salut.
  12. Here's a question for you. Are there any other ways to reduce fat % w/o lifting? I do enjoy the firm stuff, I just don't understand at all why my body specifically isn't responding to it like it should.
  13. I hear that, and I get it, but last time it was a year? and no real change? No inches lost or anything. I've been physically active on a regular basis for almost 9 years now. You'd think this would be old hat for my body. I can be patient. Really I can:bcb_yuck:.
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