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  1. My first question would be: How tall are you? Next question: Are you getting in any activity? Is it the same exercise or intensity each time you engage in it? Next question: Are you eating the same foods every day, or the same number of points (flex) or the same things (core) every day? All these are contributors to what might be a plateau. The height question was to ascertain whether you could possibly be at a weight that is now deemed appropriate for your height (but not necessarily for your ego, if you know what I mean.) Let us know Ellen
  2. Weigh the serving you plan to have. Typically bread is 2 points per one ounce serving. If you're unsure, go to the Weight watchers site and plug in your recipe and it will tell you how many points it is for the whole recipe (which actually, you can calculate yourself. Then divide by the number of slices usually get.) One cup of flour is 9 points, 1 beer is ? and the sugar is? so add them all up and divide by the portions the recipe says it yields.
  3. that's really not enough points to start the day... for efficient metabolic activity, and for better weight loss, you really should consume somewhere in the vicinity of 1/3 of your daily POINTS or calories at breakfast. I hope you round this muffin off with a piece of fruit and a glass of milk or a yogurt.
  4. Suebecca: one thing you said that is very telling is that you "Want to lose 15 pounds." WANTING to lose 15 pounds and NEEDING to lose 15 pounds are two different things... How tall are you? and, what do you weigh? If you are already inside a normal range (that is, very close to the BMI for your height, which you can find on page 7 of the WELCOME book -- find your height in the left column, and on the right column is a bmi of 25 which is considered healthy. If you are NO MORE than 5 pounds above the right hand number, then your 15 pounds might be too much, and might be hard to accomplish. Good luck.
  5. Do kids need videos? :-) They need a jump rope, a ball, and a place to play catch! It's US who need the videos -- we're so jaded we don't know how to PLAY anymore!
  6. Mom -- can you get the exercise in, instead of one 30 minute session, in 3 10 minute or 2 15 minute sessions, as time allows? that would have the exact same effect -- and might be easier to handle.
  7. rouenmom

    Calzone ? too

    Yes, exactly 15 points... and I have them cut it in two, so I get the benefit (and psychological satisfaction) of two "lift offs." You know, that fabulous feel of the first bite of the point! I always have a LARGE salad with it, too, to prolong the ecstacy of the slice -- and to make me feel full... On the rare occasion that I have it w/ pepperoni, I add 3 points... just to be on the safe side.
  8. rouenmom

    Calzone ? too

    But let's face it. Pizza is the food of the gods... ;-)
  9. rouenmom

    Calzone ? too

    That link takes me to a 63 gram slice -- or one that is just about 2 ounces, from a 12" diameter pie. You can't get a pie in NYC for that size or weight. Trust me on this. Take a ruler and look at the 12 inches. THat is the center line drawn on the pie. A 21 inch pizza (from Lenny's in Brooklyn on 86th STreet and 20th avenue, for example, or from Ray's, or Da Vinci on 18th avenue) is THAT MUCH BIGGER so the points are that many more. However, thanks for the link. It's interesting to see what the rest of the world thinks is a "normal" pizza. heh heh ;-) I guess everything in nyc, including the 7 oz bagels are on steroids. Bagels in NY? 9-11 points. UNBUTTERED, unschmeared.
  10. rouenmom

    Calzone ? too

    I have actually taken the slice from our local places (I did it three times) and brought it home to take apart. Here are the results from the typical NYC pizza place: Crust weight: 4 oz = 8 points Cheese weight: 2, 2 1/2, 3 ounces, so 6 to 9 points for the mozzarella Oil: AT LEAST 1 tsp sometimes more, drips off. (2 points) I never count the sauce -- there's not enough to worry about. This is a regular slice from a 21" (standard size) round pie in NYC. Not Thin, not deep dish, just a slice. They work out to any where from 15 points a slice to 20... UNBELIEVABLE.
  11. rouenmom

    Calzone ? too

    Weigh the calzone. In NYC the average calzone is about 16-17 ounces and packs a 35 point wallop.
  12. Staci and everyone: Weights and measures. 1 gallon = 4 quarts = 8 pints = 16 cups 1 quart = 2 pints = 4 cups 1 pint = 2 cups 1 cup = 16 tablespoons 4 tablespoons = 1/4 cup 1 tablespoons = 3 teaspoons
  13. Don't be concerned if you don't see specific BRANDS of foods listed in the Companion. The foods listed are those that voluntarily submitted their nutritional info to Weight Watchers for inclusion in the Companion (e.g., Dole fresh fruits are listed, but other brands are not. This doesn't mean that other brands of raw / fresh fruit are not core -- just that Dole (and whoever else) wanted the advertising space, is all.) So, if your tuna, sardines, salmon are packed in water, they are CORE regardless of brand. Same for all other similar foods that are listed but your particular perhaps regional brand can't be found. Hope that helps.
  14. Mbee: the key ring is the first 'gift' when you hit 10%. If you attend for 16 consec weeks, as she said above, you get the hands clapping. When you reach GOAL you get a star; and 6 weeks later when you hit lifetime you get the key. That's it. :-)
  15. DoctorTammy: How tall are you? That might have an impact, for starters. You might also consider working out only 5 days a week for a couple of weeks, to let your body catch up (yes, it has to do that too.) Additionally you might consider eating breakfast for dinner and dinner for lunch, etc. Both from a points distribution perspective and moving around the things you eat. I was at a plateau, 16 weeks, and only 2 lbs from goal. I understand... but do tell us your height.
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