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  1. I made the gravy that WWCarol pulled from the crockpot forum and it was awesome. I was trying to make a "lower-fat" poutine for a party (oven baked french fries and low-fat skim milk mozza), so I used beef broth instead of the chicken or turkey and everyone raved that it tasted very real and but wasn't heavy and greasy tasting like normal gravy is. All in all it was a success and thank you very much!
  2. maplekitty


    It's when someone wants to "bump" a thread back to the top of the page. On busy forums threads can get lost past the first page pretty quickly, so by adding a "bump" post it will put it back up to the top of the first page in that forum.
  3. (re-post from Misc. Section....really need this for tomorrow!) Does anyone have a recipe or have found something (that doesn't taste too fake) that is reasonable in points??
  4. Does anyone have a recipe or have found something (that doesn't taste too fake) that is reasonable in points??
  5. wow, you can really see a difference in your face already! Great job
  6. Does anyone know what the points would be for freezies (i have mr.freeze brand freezies)? They are nowhere in the food companion and dont come with nutritional info. tia Sarah
  7. I just got back from seeing the documentary film SuperSize Me, in which the maker of the film ate only McD's for a month to prove just how bad it *is* for you. In the film, they made note of the fact that the new McD's salads, i beleive the chicken ranch one has the same amount of fat and calories in it as a BigMac.....something to think about. Just because it's a salad at McD's does NOT mean it's good for you.
  8. i had a bunch of leftover baked potatoes from the weekend b-b-q, and so i made this chowder last night....it's AWESOME, and my bf loved it too. he said it didnt even taste low fat.
  9. i bring a sandwhich to work everyday, and i have always loved cheese in my sandwhich...but...because i think that buying low-fat/soy cheese is too expensive, ive found a new alternative for cheese in my sandwhiches. to make yogurt cheese: 1 container fat free (*all natural*) plain yogurt set a cheesecloth over a siv and pour the yogurt into the cheesecloth. set siv in a bowl and place it the fridge. the yogurt will immediately begin to drain, and basically overnight you'll have a firm yogurt cheese, almost the same consistancy as cream cheese. sarah
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