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  1. At least it is healthier than french fries! I do like their grilled chicken sandwiches and yogurt parfaits.
  2. I tried Gorton's Shrimp Temptations Shrimp Scampi and it is wonderful!! It has a great, creamy Alfredo-like sauce. It is only 3 points per serving - 120 calories, 6 gms fat. There are 3 servings per box. It was just under $7 at Walmart. I served it over some whole wheat pasta. There was a lot of thick sauce. DS even loved it. I will buy this again and again!
  3. Has anybody else tried the South Beach Living Fiber Fit Cookies? I tried the chocolate with chocolate chips and the oatmeal with chocolate chips. Both had a thin layer of dark chocolate and they have a lot of fiber. I liked both, but the Oatmeal ones were my favorite.
  4. I tried both the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond Granola Bar and the Honey Roasted Cashew one. Both were very good!!
  5. Wow. These are at least $2.50 at WalMart. Good find! Thanks for sharing.
  6. I got the Jillian Michaels game for myself for Christmas. I knew it would be hard and I didn't even open the thing until this week! It took a long time to get to where the games actually start and I really didn't like the running in between every exercise. I DON'T RUN!! Then I found the custom feature where you could pick the exercises that you want to do. I tried that the next day and it was better. I liked the rowing one in the canoe. I could really feel my abs working and you do it standing up so it seems easier. The whole program seems pretty hard though and I am scared of her!! Jillian kicks butt on The Biggest Loser. I think I will wait until I get in better shape to try it again! Another thing that I didn't like about the Jillian Michaels game is that it keeps your weight posted on one of the screens and I was worried that DH or DS would walk in and see it. If I wanted everyone to know my weight, I would go on The Biggest Loser! I lOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Wii Tennis and I sometimes play for a couple of hours. (Did I mention that I love it??) I also love the dance step aerobics and I do the easy and then the faster one as a warmup before I play tennis. DS and I tried the Outdoor Adventure game but it is not something that we keep coming back to play again. It has a big floor mat that you have to connect and the games go in the same sequence every time. I liked the jumping rope, but it gets boring fast. Hope this helps.
  7. I did get one and I love it. I got the battery operated one by Reynolds for about $10. The bags are easy to find in the ziplock bag section and they are about the same price as the regular ziplock bags. I mainly use it to freeze already cooked chicken or cooked low-fat hamburger meat, or to freeze chopped raw onions or green peppers to use later in cooking. I also use it to store cut-up raw veggies in the fridge. It is small and easy to store in a drawer or cabinet.
  8. Wow, I didn't know Sam's had started carrying them. Thanks. My supply is getting low.
  9. I have a coupon for the new Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealer. Does anyone have one of these and what do you think about it?
  10. That sounds really good. Thanks for the heads up! I will have to look for these. As for the price, I used to spend $5 or $6 in the cafeteria at work for lunch, so I figure this has got to be cheaper AND a lot healthier too!
  11. I tried the WW Smart Ones Orange Sesame chicken. When I opened it, the steam had a very strong "fake" orange smell. I thought it was going to be terrible. I had gotten off work very late and I was starving, so I decided I would just have to eat it anyway. I mixed in a half cup of cooked broccoli and let it sit for a minute. It actually tasted ok and not fake. Just don't smell it too close when you open it up! On a funny note, my 13 year old DS asked for a bite when I was halfway through it, and he thought it was awesome. He begged me to buy him some of these! Go figure!
  12. hootowl


    I have 3 different sizes of Rival. I used to have a problem with it burning stuff around the middle, but I found that if I use a smaller pot and be sure to fill it more than half full, that doesn't happen so much. I love the electronic timer that switches to warm after the set time because I often have to work late.
  13. But I can't stop with just one bar!! I feel like I am getting a lot with the two bars. I really like the apple cinnamon ones too. It is a great 2 point dessert or snack.
  14. I eat one of the chocolate ones every afternoon for a snack at work. I agree - it is MUCH healthier than a snickers and lower in points. It takes away my chocolate cravings and I really need something that can do that for just a few points. It is small, but the fiber makes it very filling. DS discovered them in the pantry the other day and thought they were awesome. He is a 13 year old bottomless pit. I had to warn him not to eat the whole box because of all the fiber!
  15. These are my favorite crackers too. I really like the plain, but the garlic and herb ones are good too. I eat them with a wedge of laughing cow cheese, or alongside a sandwich instead of chips.
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