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  1. OK! I found this stuff at the grocery finally..in a teeny tiny little box....inconspicuous little thing it was! I cooked it up tonite and served with swordfish and a veggie stirfry. My DD actually liked it enough to eat half of her serving. I liked the flavor of it, but can see that if Im going to eat it more often, Ive got to 'dress it up' and am appreciative of the above ideas. Thanx !
  2. You gals are awesome...thank you....Im armed and dangerous with my new couscous cooking mission..and wouldnt ya know it?? I cant find the darn stuff in my grocery....I will find it tho!!!!
  3. Thank you Mary...I think I will just have to look into both.....
  4. Just wondering ..what is it??? A must have or a pass?? How do you prepare it??? Saw it on a late nite cooking show and it got my curiousity going.....
  5. Has anyone purchased a health grill...or a George Foreman grill?? I just got a Black & Decker health grill and Im loving it...grilled veggies are to die for...Im wondering what other goodies some of my Buddies have come up with??
  6. This sounds amazing and Id love to try it...how many servings is this recipe???
  7. Ohh...another yummy sounding recipe to try..thank you!
  8. YUM! A confirmed zucchini lover here....this sounds delicious! I will try it Friday after Thursday nite's trip to the farmer's market for a BIG ONE! Thanx for sharing!
  9. Hi BCB'ers... I was watching a late nite cooking program (can you say addict???) and the guest was Mark Tewkesberry (sp?)...Canadian Olympic swimmer...He has opened a fruit bar, much along the line of Booster Juice. He shared a recipe for a smoothie, but it didnt have yogurt or milk in it...a lower point alternative for the days when you are running low on points and have had your dairy. His point was that if you freeze the fruit and take it straight from freezer to blender and whip it up for a long enough time, it will froth and thicken on its own..his recipe was... 1 frozen cut up banananananana 1/2 cup apple juice. And then he blended..and blended. I tried it this morning and while I would recommend letting the frozen fruit sit a while (my blender is rather prehistoric) it DID froth up and was amazing. My DD loved it, and I did to. 2.5 points cant be bad! Super OP day to all.....
  10. Oh...! THis sounds like the perfect summer salad for tomato lovers...come to think of it, a perfect salad any season!!! Thank you......
  11. YUMS!!! My mother is coming to dine tomorrow nite...She's WW-ing too...this will be perfect!! Thank you!
  12. Ohhh..this is the perfect alternative to the ones I traditionally made with different liquers....thanx!!!!
  13. Hi Gina....the WW recipe I received when I first joined goes like this... 20 oz potatoes, peeled and french fried. Soak in warm water with 1 tsp sugar and 1 tsp salt, for 15 minutes. Drain and pat dry with paper towel. Drizzle 1 tbsp olive oil over fries. Sprinkle on favorite seasonings (I use garlic and onion powder, parsley, paprika and cayenne...I generally stay away from adding extra salt) Spray baking sheet with your favorite no stick cooking spray, arrange fries and bake at 350 deg to desired crispness. 5 oz = 3 pts. (The crispier the fries, the larger your portion. I like them rather crisp and this recipe feeds myself my portion and my 8 year old gobbles up the rest...prepare more if you have a larger family!!!!) If you're wondering why the salt and sugar in the soaking water, it helps draw the starch out of the spuds, allowing them to crisp up better. Hope this helps...enjoy!
  14. Its expensive to replace clothing but what a wonderful feeling!! Tonite when tossing laundry into the dryer, my thumb ring flew right off and decided to go for a tumble too! It had been so snug it left indentations on my skin....it feels wonderful to feel it moving around on my thumb again!!! Keep it up!!!
  15. Ohhh..Ive only had gazpacho one time and I absolutely loved it...I tried to make it once off the cuff and it turned out pretty adequate...but now Im on a mission to make this one and share it with my mother, whos never tried it!!! Thanx for sharing!
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