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  1. You all have officially changed the name of my walker(to runner). I think I'm going to make a sign and put on it. Let me see, how should I word it and where should it go? By the way, it is a high end purple walker with a seat. LOL
  2. He'll be thrilled that I did anything physical. LOL He is about my age and we both try to figure out things to do that fits into our limitations. I am surprised that there's interest in my little jog down the hall. You all are great. Rose
  3. This was my first time to come to the exercise topic and I put in my post before I read any one elses. I probably wouldn't have had the courage otherwise. All of you are doing so great. Somo--You made me laugh and then cry as I read your reply. Thank you so much for answering.
  4. First, I have to say that I am 68, weigh 260 lbs., use a walker/cane/sometimes wheelchair. I have to walk my dog 2 times a day and most of the time I do it in the electric wheelchair because of my knees. I have committed to doing 3 of those walks a week, NOT in the wheelchair and this morning was one time I actually walked. On my way down the hallway, back to my apartment, this morning it came into my head to RUN holding onto the walker. (My dog has to ride in the walker inside the building because of the no walking rule.). Well, I discovered that I can run really well when I hold onto the walker. ISN'T THAT A SCREAM? I'm going to do it again!!! I haven't ran in years. =,)
  5. anyone have one??? That store bought is expensive.
  6. If you look in the latest WW magazine (page 141) the 2 pages they gave to CORE had a recipe titled "Sugar-Free Blueberry-Corn Muffins", with a variation of "Corn & Black Bean Muffins". So it looks like that rule has been deleted. Enjoy!!!!
  7. Is this a core food or do we have to count it as a points item?
  8. for you. Have anyone came up with some tips or helps for being on the core plan? It is hard to have a kitchen that has nothing but core food, because there are other people in the house, so there has to be some "compromises" of some kind in the cupboard. The magazine doesn't have much of the Core Plan stuff in it. I think I saw 2 pages. One was the 3 day plan of menus, and the other was a few recipes. I'm ready to do this. Help LIST OF ALL SUGGESTIONS. CAN BE COPIED & PASTED TO YOUR PC. 1. "TurnAround Cookbook" which is all CORE 2. stews and one dish meals made with all CORE foods 3. My traditional Chili recipe is CORE 4. fruits at snack time. FF/SF pudding is a real treat, as is 94% FF microwave popcorn. 5. restaurant eating isn't difficult, order steak (or other broiled meat, i.e., chicken or fish), baked potato and salad. 6. "shrimp cocktail" =totally CORE. (1 thru 6 from sameboat) 7. Salsbury Steak 1 lb lean ground beef 1/4 * Egg Beaters 1 medium onion chopped 1 beef boullion cube (dissolved in 1/2 * water) Mix beef, egg beaters and onion. Shape into patties and brown over high heat, drain off any fat. Pour in boullon and simmer uncovered until desired doneness. 4 servings 8.
  9. I want to make my own bread that is 1 point for 2 slices (like the white lite) but can't find a recipe for it. I'm sure there is one out there and one of you smart ladies/gents will have it. Thanks.
  10. Well, I am eating a high salt diet as of today. It seems that the 2 health problems I have are fighting each other. Meniere's disease requires low salt, and Vasodepressor Syncope requires high salt. So for now, I'm on moderately high salt. Soooooooo, disregard the other salt question.
  11. Cathy, I looked back a year and couldn't find the Crockpot Lasagna. Can you send it to me? Thanks.
  12. Ashlee, I caught that too, because I do a lot of cooking from scratch and I convert a lot of my recipes to points using that page (I have even added things around the edges that I want to remember). I tore out the page and taped it into my new book, just before the section where the other points are given. It is actually more convient there than where it was in the other book. I put a strip of tape on each side, at the bottom of the page, and made it another page rather than covering up something else. It works really great.
  13. Thanks. I have been considering the mastercook for a while now. Is there more than one version of it,----and which one is best to buy? I have ordered a pocket reference book for sodium content but it won't be in for a few weeks at Borders.
  14. I have been taken off my diuretics for now and have to limit my salt intake to 1500 mg. per day because of Menieres Disease. It is really hard to count both points and sodium. My present answer is to put another column by the points column on my journal, but it is almost more than I can do. I have been doing it for a week, but does anyone have an easier way to do this?
  15. Thanks. Those were just what I needed. I printed them out.
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