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  1. Good job !!! gotta love it !!!
  2. Whooohooo !! great job!!! you should be proud !!!!
  3. I tried this last nite... it didnt taste so good.. i even added some splenda to sweeten it up.. they didnt like them.. i think if i can tweak it somehow and make it more sweet they might like it.. i had to watch them, cause the insides started ozzzing out.. i will try again later.. cause i love crab rangoons!!
  4. got my dvd's in.. going to start them tonight!!
  5. got my t-tapp dvd's in.. going to try them out tonight!!! hope their good!!! something i hope i will like and stick with...
  6. I made these tonight, and they were great!!! Everyone liked them!! This is a keeper!!!
  7. I just order it.. And i cant wait to get it !!! i hope i really like this exercize, i tried the firm, it is in my garage collecting dust. I also tried turbo jam, too confusing, might as well dance and exercize myself, so it is sitting on the shelf. so i am sooo hoping this is great for me... i also ordered the crt skin brushing system too..
  8. thanks for figuring the points... 3 pts.. great!!! I am going to have to try this... never made a cake in the crockpot before!!!
  9. fribbit

    Color Test

    Boy that is harder than you think...haha.. got O zero.. on first try.. second time got 100% but i was alot slower than the first time..ha
  10. I always go for the higher number, just to be on the safe side... I never use 1/2 pts.. just whole numbers!!!!
  11. You look great!!!! way to go!!!! just take it day by day.. I know it is hard, believe me.. been there done that.. and now on my way back!!! a big Congrads!!!
  12. OHHHHHH, this is sounds great!!! thanks, going to have to try it!!
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