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  1. Hello all! I am going to purchase a treadmill, and would like any advice you could offer. I feel like I go to the gym and really ONLY use the treadmill more often than not (I have firm videos and free wghts at thome for strength) 1. What brand is your fav? 2. Have you had more than one kind? 3. Are you a runner or walker? 4. What gizmos bells and whistles are you glad you have, or wish you had? TIA its a big investment for me, so any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a crock pot that I never use, im a little afraid of it. lol. What type on onions should I use? Any kind? I am also leery of canned soup. For french onion, Id like to try it!
  3. Try the chicken barly, it sounds weird, but its wicked good! Also less than 4 pts for the whole can.
  4. Anyone have any low point beef stew recipes?
  5. If you find it, Id love to try it!
  6. Two thumbs up!! Loved them both! I do have to separate them into serving size baggies , but theyb are great to bring with my lunches.
  7. Sounds great! Im going to try this one tommorrow night
  8. Precooked frozen shrimp are great foor cocktails, or if you would be doing a QUICK cooking, like spay pam and sprinkle seasonsing to broil, or tossing them in a stirfry (just toss em in at the end to heat). If you overcook them they will get rubbery or dry.
  9. Im not a very good cook, could you give me an idea of how much to use and how to do it? It sounds good!
  10. I use garlic poweder, or garlic salt on most of my veggies. If I steam them I add a little butter and garlic salt.
  11. I love these too, i add onions, peppers, corn, and peas and cook them on the stove instead of microwave. It bulks it up and adds more flavor.
  12. I love the crystal light packets too! For those that dont do aspartame, Welches makes a great little low cal juice flavored with splenda. They ahve apple cranberry, white grape rasberry that are great. I did not like the welches spleda flavored lemonade though.
  13. loved the teriyaki shrimp, but didnt love the rice. Id prob ask for more steamed veggies in place of rice next time. The shrimp salad is excellent too.
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