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  1. Ooh, yeah, 116 pounds down the crapper, never to return!! I feel SO good about myself, it's taken me a year and a half but I've done it!! Yay!! Milena
  2. M111


    Hmm, they didn't have my picture, just my DH's.
  3. Holy moley this looks good! thanks! Milena
  4. Oh man YOU ROCK!!! Way to go!!! Milena
  5. M111

    10% lost!

    Right on! Good work, Sahara!! ((((((Hugs!!))))) Milena
  6. That is soooo awesome!! Happy dance! Milena
  7. M111


    You *so* deserve it, Kat!!! I'm glad that you found some support here, but remember *you* are the one who has achieved this fabulous weight loss!! Big squishy kissies! Milena
  8. Congratulations Melanie!! That's awesome! Milena
  9. Oh Kat you rock you rock you rock!!! I'm so proud of you!! If you can get the pictures onto your computer, you can e-mail them to me and I will make you an album on my picturetrail site if you like! Hugs girl! Milena
  10. Congratulations Cheryl! You must feel awesome, and excited to spend 500 smackers! Milena
  11. Congratulations, that's awesome and exciting! I'll bet you feel like a million bucks! Milena
  12. M111

    wish me luck

    Oh chicky-boo that's soooo awesome! I'll cross my fingers and toes and everything else! Are you going to give yourself a reward? Milena
  13. M111

    Diet Coke Brownies

    Mmm, sounds yummy! Milena
  14. Oh man I'm drooling just reading the recipe! Milena
  15. Looks drool worthy! Thanks! Milena
  16. Thanks, looks awesome, I love banana bread! Milena
  17. I never thought that I would come this far. I thought I would always be obese. My self-confidence and self-esteem are higher than they've ever been! I'm soooo happy, and I can't wait to share with all of you that I have reached my goal! Milena
  18. Congratulations pyccku! That must feel grrreat! Milena
  19. M111


    Awesome work, Juleverde!! Congratulations! Milena
  20. WOO HOO!!! Right on!!! Congratulations!!!!
  21. Right on Deby, that's so awesome! Milena
  22. Thank you all very much!! I feel great, and I know I can go the rest of the way! Milena
  23. Woo hoo!!! I just got back from my WI, and I am now down 92.4 pounds!! Yay! I feel SO good!! Milena
  24. M111

    Made 10%!!!!

    That's wonderful!! Good for you! Milena
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