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  1. Hi, I checked the WW online chart for rose wine, but it only lists red or white wine, not rose. Could someone please tell me how many points for a 6 ounce glass of rose wine? Thank you.
  2. Hello, Could someone please explain to me how the 2012 WW program differs from last year's WW program? I tried to look it up but I cannot find or understand. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Could someone please explain to me how the 2012 WW program differs from last year's WW program? I tried to look it up but I cannot find or understand. Thank you.
  4. Hi ! I would like to know how many points is the coconut liquid that comes from a real coconut ?? I don't know if that is called coconut water or coconut milk? I appreciate your help. Thank you! ~~ Sandy
  5. Hi ! I would like to know how many points there is in pure ground vanilla, or vanilla powder without the sugar in it?? I don't see it listed in the WW books. Thank you for your help ! ~~ Sandy
  6. Hi, I subscribe to the WW online to track my points during the day because I work all day on the computer. But sometimes, when I'm traveling, I just write down my points from the points info on the WW book. So I have noticed that when I enter more than 1 portion of a certain food on WW online, the points will double or triple. For example, If I have 1 Bakers Brownie bite, it is 1 point. Then if I enter online that I had 2 Bakers brownie bites, it is 3 points, if I have 3 Bakers brownie bites it is 5 points. Whereas, if I would have entered it on paper on my own, I would have counted 3 bakers brownie bites as 3 points, because 1 brownie equals 1 point. And this doesn't just happen with the brownies, it happens with alot of other foods when entered online. So my question is, which one is correct? And why does WW online increase the points for multiple portions on some foods? If I am entering it by paper with the WW Book, how would I know that multiple portions are more points? I am confused, and I am wondering if I count it as the lower points such as by the WW book will I gain weight? I appreciate any advice you could give me. Thank you very much. Sandy
  7. Hi, I usually order Tuna Tartar when I go to a Japanese restaurant, and I have been guessing on the points, because I can't find it listed in any of the Weight Watchers Books. But I'm sure my guessing is way off. I'm sure it is more fattening than I think. So if anyone knows the points for Tuna Tartare or where I can find it, I would greatly appreciate it ! Thanks ! ~~ Sandy
  8. I'm going bananas ! It's a week before T.O.M. and I keep craving chocolate and comfort food. It's like I don't even have willpower. The cravings are overwhelming. I drink alot of water, eat veggies and drink vegetable juices,eat fruit, take my vitamins and fiber and even some glutamine to ward off the sugar cravings but nothing works. I've run out of points for today, and have already used 10 of my points for tomorrow. What do you do? Please give me some tips and advice.... I was doing so well, and now I feel as though I've lost control. I feel so sad, and I'm so bloated I feel like a beached whale ! It's awful. I'm sure I have already gained weight. I appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you !
  9. Hi, Those are similar, except these are just regular bread crackers...they look like fried flat noodles. Oh well, I suppose I'll have to guesstimate the points on these "fried flat noodles" unless someone else knows, but I appreciate your help. Thanks !
  10. Hi, Does anyone know the correct name for the fried rectangular "crackers" that Chinese Restaurants hand out in a bowl before dinner? ( Some people dip them in duck sauce) I forgot what they are called. Does anyone know how many points they are? Thank you for your help !
  11. Hi ! Does anyone know the points value for Chilean Sea Bass? The only thing that is listed in WW is Sea Bass. But I was thinking that maybe the Chilean Sea bass is more fatty? If anyone knows the points value for Chilean Sea Bass, I would really appreciate it. Thank you !
  12. Hi, Could someone please tell me the points for a plain broiled filet mignon which is 6 ounces? Thank you !
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