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  1. this is indeed yummy 2:bcb_up Lizzy
  2. Thanks for sharing those links. I'll have to put more in my favorites. Lizzy
  3. I love their stuff. The pattern is actually from overseas. If I run out of yarn I have to send awayoverseas for it. Some are similar to DMC colors though thank goodness. Fingers crosssed no major mistakes. The company sends out catalogs often & I get an email each week for sales. take care Lizzy
  4. this is my latest project http://www.herrschners.com/products/product.aspx?sku=181147 I think the pattern is so cute. Lizzy
  5. Sky mom- i found these @ Super Walmart. I'm in the greater Boston area. Haven't found these in our local stores either yet. Lizzy
  6. here is the link to the hungry girl site http://www.hungry-girl.com/askhg/askhgdetails.php?isid=1010
  7. Hi Rain, I live south of boston too. I saw this @ stop and shop, try checking there. I can't remember which store, braintree or weymouth. so it's out there. Lizzy
  8. found mine @ shop and shop too. Haven't looked for the 100 cal packs lately, been on a ww cake kit. All I can say wow there's a lot of variety now!! Yummy Lizzy
  9. Lori, I'll keep my eye out I don't recall seeing patterns like that. They do have software out there that can take a picture and make it into a cross stitch pattern. Not sure how good it is. If you have pix of your dogs doing that, might be an idea. good luck, Lizzy
  10. I've frozen it in the past w/ no problems Lizzy
  11. I actually like both the carrot & lemon. I agree,the chocolate ones just don't taste right. I would love to make the diet coke cake. but then again I live by myself so a whole lot of cake around is out of the question. Lizzy
  12. Theresa- I've never roller skated or roller bladed before. haven't gotten the protective gear yet so haven't ventured out side/ Have been trying in my small apt.LOL...if only my mom could see me now. I have absolutely no balance.lol Nancy- thanks for the advice. Lizzy
  13. Thanks for all the advice everyone!! Lizzy
  14. Hello everyone, bought a pair of regular roller skates not too long ago. I know where to get the knee,elbow pads and wrist guards. I'm having trouble sizing a helmet. How tight should the helmet fit on the head. For adult size even if i adjust the chin strap,still seems a little roomy. Youth size does seem tighter. Didn't know how much give there should be...if that makes sense Any help would be appreciated. Lizzy
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