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  1. Gah. Measurements? Okay - but it will have to wait until I get back or something. I was a bit up this morning because I ate most of my points yesterday very laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate - but I won't be able to weigh again until Tues night or Wds morning. Man, I'm sucking at this challenge! Putting the weight aside, I will either do my bike every day 20-30 minutes or at least 5,000 steps on the Pedometer at a minimum. Deborah
  2. I am loving P+ - first change I have made since 123. I feel I can eat more, and, as I continue to push the envelope, the plan continues to work. I am really glad I took the plunge. Deborah
  3. If it works, it works, JulieAnn - well done. Interesting blog, as well. Deborah
  4. When I first rejoined WW I did Online Only - and had a plethora of information and tools at my disposal, including the ability to buy product online. I went to "Monthly Pass" so I could attend meetings with my friend - effectively upping my cost to somewhere between two and three times what I was spending for online only. In doing so, the effectiveness of the is reduced - There is no "A-Z," nor can I buy product online. In other words, WW is charging me more for less. I know - meetings are an added plus, but there simply is no good reason to reduce the effectiveness of the online site for me when I'm spending more per month now. Frankly, if this were going to be a long term situation I would choose "WW Online" versus the ability to go to meetings. Thankfully, I should be hitting goal/maintenance within the next week or two, and will therefore be lifetime six weeks after that. At that point I will switch back to "WW Online" so I can spend less money and have all the information at my disposal, while still attending meetings. I thought the only thing I lost was the ability to purchase product online - no biggie - but it appears I've lost more than that, and I'm not happy about it. I will probably call WW and raise a fuss, not that it will do me any good. Anyway, if you leaders/receptionists want to pass the "dissatisfaction" up the line, I'd appreciate it. I'll be letting my leader know as well. I can come up with "justifications" but ultimately, the bottom line, is that as a consumer, I'm paying more for what is really less. It does not cost WW to allow me to access all the information on the site, and they are making more money off me by virtue of the changed membership. Yes, they now have to pay their personnel - but I suspect that they are not paying them the full difference, or anywhere near the full difference, of what I am paying WW. Deborah
  5. Woot! WTG Karla! Deborah
  6. Thank you so very much for this - I forwarded it to my WW Offline Buddy who just "joined" Hungry Girl because she does go out to eat a lot. Deborah
  7. I'm eating normally even though the scale was mean to me this morning. I've not strayed off plan, and I have faith in the plan. Not going to let myself go nuts. Deborah
  8. Thanks, Cheryl! My WW local friend last week related this story to me, which I forced her to share at the meeting by starting it myself :: grin :: She's being walking, and wasn't in the mood, wanted a Big Mac desperately! She started the walk anyway, swearing she'd only do 15 minutes and then go to McDonald's. At 15 minutes she said, "Okay, I'll do a bit more, "and of course she ended up doing her entire 30 minutes. The capper? By the time she was done she said, "I am NOT going to waste that walk" and she made herself some food at home. As for the pushing - I just whined over in Delta that it makes no sense that my 12 crunches are the same AP as my rather vigorous 30 minutes of moderate stationary bike. Ah well. Hey, I just thought of something funny while teasing myself for being so anal about the numbers, "I can make myself crazy or I can make myself thin." Deborah
  9. Carrots do work for me - I sometimes add a tablespoon of light ranch for dipping. I don't use it all, but that added flavor, and seeming substance, rounds out the carrots for me. As contrasted to Popcorn it is a bit of "sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't" for me. Sometimes it is convenience, and carrots are easier! LOL! Deborah
  10. I'm not a big baker, I'm more in charge of "cleaning" the beaters and bowls. And yes, I feel your pain. That is one of my weak spots. When I used to do "family potlucks" with my then better half's family, I would always put us/myself in charge of making/taking the salad. Great salads, and all dressings on the side. Worked out pretty well. I was fortunate that one of the "this month's birthdays" celebrations always fell during Passover, so I was able to avoid the cake without trouble. They would say, "Wow, you're being so good." I didn't explain the added incentive of having to not eat leavened foods for a week, but simply smiled and nodded. And the breads! Oy, the breads! Avoided those too. (Thank you, Pesach!) Yes, I have my weak spots! Deborah
  11. Popcorn is a lifetime staple for me. When I was growing up my father would make popcorn in a large pot, and we'd all have our own very large bowls of it. He'd make a second batch and we'd eat that too. At the movies I would buy one of those large refillable barrels and refill before the movie started. The popcorn I'm currently eating/buying has an NI which figures out to 5 points for 10 cups - which is the entire bag. I've always hated the way NI is on microwave popcorn. One really has to go searching to find the "popped" values. I prefer buying the kernels and popping my own, but I don't currently have a good "popcorn pot." Deborah
  12. I added "crunches" to my routine today. I was never good at "sit-ups" when I was in Junior High and we had the Presidential Fitness awards - great at sports but I have/had no flexibility or the ability to do most of those things at that time. I had forgotten that I used to do sit-ups, while not every day, fairly regularly, and since the exercise bike doesn't even tire me out, and I've been having weird leg reactions lately, I wanted to do something different and/or more. Did 10, then grabbed a heavy book and did 10 more. Deborah
  13. I was able to get to this in a cleaned out browser: https://signup.weightwatchers.com/SignupVersions/Online/StepOne.aspx Customized sites for men & women to meet their different needs Over 31,000 food options, 1,500 delicious recipes and Restaurant Guides Interactive tools to help you manage daily food choices and activities Personalized goals based on your height and weight Snapshots of your progress with our Weight Tracker and Progress Charts Anywhere, anytime tracking from your mobile phone with Weight Watchers Mobile† Workouts for all fitness levels and over 60 video demos *Weight Watchers Online Free Trial Special Terms: At the end of the free trial period, you will automatically be subscribed to our 3 Month Savings Plan and charged $65.00 for your first 3 months. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your plan period at the standard monthly rate (currently $17.95) until you cancel. If you would rather subscribe to our 1 Month Plan (currently $47.90), please log in to the My Profile section on our site and change your billing option before the free trial period ends. To avoid being charged, simply cancel your subscription before the free trial period ends (midnight Eastern Standard Time on the 7th day of your free trial). You can cancel your subscription on our site, by email or by U.S. mail; please see http://www.weightwatchers.com/cancel for details. Online offer available to new and returning Weight Watchers Online subscribers in the U.S. May not be combined with other offers. By continuing with this sign-up process, you are agreeing to these special terms. See if that link works for you.
  14. I love Acapulco! Darn, yet another restaurant I miss from home. Chips are hard for me so I tend to either not do them, or just have one or two. Really hard for me. A friend and I once drove all the way to Santa Barbara just because a Mexican restaurant up there had better chips than anything local. Deborah
  15. Tigerdawg, I very much empathize with you. I've been in that position at times in my life. That said, I believe you can still do a Free Week Trial of the Program online - which will afford you the opportunity to get the basic information you need, including your own personal DPT. I think you'll be able to buy a calculator from the site during the period. I know/hope/believe that everybody here will be happy to help you "do it at home." Try weightwatchers.com/freetrial to see about that free trial - if it doesn't work, let me know via PM. Deborah
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