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  1. This article may help: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/nutrition_articles.asp?id=511 Good Luck.
  2. Okay I'll take a stab at it: The Reeses cups I buy for my husband are .55 oz or 15 gs each and are 2pts. Lucky Charms are 2 pts for 3/4 c. serving (saw it in the store yesterday and looked:bcb_grin ). Hope this is helpful.
  3. Back to the top. Have it in the oven now.
  4. SF orange jello works great.
  5. Well I usually tend to walk fast for the walking portion and do usually break out in a sweat with in the 10 minutes allowed for moderate activity and no I definitly can not sing while I'm walking so I count it at least moderate. As far as counting the APs I will usually count it as moderate, but if like today my average for APs was 2.345 I will round up to the next full number because I know the jogging should at the very least make up for the difference.
  6. If you buy the Transfirmer package it should have a recommended rotation included for you to follow along with.I also get bored with one workout tape so I've been doning some out door walking/jogging, Turbo Jam and The Firm (I also have several other exercise tapes that I throw in on occasion, but these are the main 3).
  7. Knees? HMMM.... Well you don't do all the kicking and twisting in Hip Hop Abs like you do in Turbo Jam, however you do a lot of "bouncing" from the knee because of the hip tilting moves that are the base of the program. The hip and thigh DVD also has a number of squats in it so if those bother your knees that may be another minus for the system.
  8. Welcome to the Bootcamp family:bcb_bigsm . First off I would like to ditto the advice about not looking at this journey as a diet, but as a life style change. You can still have all the foods you love you just have to plan for them. Now to your question. I work swing shifts one week 6am-630pm and the next week 6pm to 630am. I count my points from 5pm -5pm. I find I usually prefer my largest meal in the pm and by starting my pts at 5pm I can eat till I'm satisfied then spread out the remaining points over the next day. Plus it helps me sometimes to think I'm sleeping 6-8hrs of the time I'm counting points for . If I work night shift I'll eat more of my points in the evening knowing that be the time I get up at 1pm I'll only have 4 hours left to eat my daily allotment. If I'm off or working day shift I'll try and leave myself at least half my points to get me through breakfast, lunch and a snack. I've lost 64 lbs in just over 9 months counting this way. Best of luck to you all which ever way you decide to count.
  9. The Walmart Great Value brand hamburger buns are only 2pts each, surely everyone has a Walmart or 2 or 5 around .
  10. galinva

    Cube Steak

    Thanks for the link Joanne. I've book marked it! I'm always looking for correct info on beef (among other things).
  11. Todd you always crack me up!!
  12. There are some 1 pt hamburger buns out there as well. Two I know of are Nature's Own white wheat hamburger buns and Kroger brand light buns.
  13. I ordered mine directly from beachbody on the internet.
  14. galinva

    Light Cheesecake

    Everyone needs to check the points for their ingrediants. 1/2 c. sugar alone is 387 calories =8pts 16 oz of FF cream cheese is =480 calories =10 pts that's 2 pts a slice without adding sour cream, graham crackers, egg whites ect. Just beware.
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