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  1. Howdy! I've been missing in action for the past couple of weeks due to being sick. I'm feeling better this week though and I'm ready to get back on track. Here's my plan for the week: Sunday: 2 hours volleyball Monday: weights, 30 min. run Tuesday: weights Wednesday: weights, 45 min. run, 1 hour volleyball Thursday: 1.5 hours volleyball Friday: weights, 30 min. run Saturday: weights, 5K race Have a great week! Teresa
  2. Howdy folks, Thought I'd get this party started for the week. Here's my plan: Sunday: 10K run, 4 hours volleyball Monday: rest day Tuesday: weights, 5K run Wednesday: weights, 6K run, 1 hr. volleyball Thursday: 4.5 hours volleyball Friday: weights Saturday: weights, touch football, 8K run Please join me! Teresa
  3. Howdy! Here's my plan for the week-- Sunday -- walking around New York City Monday -- rest day Tuesday -- weights, 5K run Wednesday -- weights, 6K run, 2 hr. volleyball Thursday -- weights, 1.5 hrs. volleyball Friday -- 8K run Saturday -- decided to have another rest day (sore from run and weights)
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    Howdy, I did a few sprint tri's this summer, and am hoping to do an Olympic distance next season. Over the winter I'm going to concentrate on improving in the swim, maybe take some private lessons. Haven't done any adventure racing, but I do single track mountain biking. I'm hoping to do a 24-hour bike relay next summer. I'd love to share training ideas, etc. Teresa
  5. Howdy, I run outdoors all winter long -- and it really is all about the gear! Here's what I wear: Running socks over silk sock liners Running tights (cool max material, thinly lined) Long sleeve shirt with a zippered neck (also cool max/dri-fit) Fleece vest Windbreaking jacket windproof gloves Toque If it's really cold (I do live in Ottawa after all), I'll wear a balaclava instead of the toque. If you can embrace the weather, you'll find it's not so bad (I actually kind of enjoy it!) HTH Teresa
  6. Howdy all, Where are all the exercisers this week? Here's my plan: Sunday: Half marathon (finished with a new PB 2:13:40) Yay me!!!! Monday: 1 hr. hike to look at the beautiful fall colours Tuesday: weights, long walk Wednesday: weights, 1 hour volleyball Thursday: rest day Friday: 1.5 hrs. volleyball Saturday: weights, nice long hike
  7. Howdy all, Last week before the half -- taking the week off from weight training. Here's my plan: Sunday: 5K run for the cure, 4 hrs. volleyball Monday: rest day Tuesday: 20K run Wednesday: 1 hr. volleyball Thursday: 6K run, 2 hrs. volleyball Friday: 3 hrs. volleyball Saturday: 3k walk, lots of resting in preparation for Sunday's race. Have a great week all, Teresa
  8. Hello folks, Here's my plan for the week (two weeks 'til the half marathon): Sunday: 4 hours volleyball Monday: 6K run, Tuesday: 18K run, back/tris/abs Wednesday: 6K run, short hike, legs/delts Thursday: 2 hrs. volleyball, chest/bis/abs Friday: 3 hrs. volleyball Saturday: decided to take a rest day Have a good week every-buddy! Teresa
  9. Howdy folks, Dawna -- where are you? Hope all is well! Cathy -- thanks for starting the thread in Dawna's absence. Here's my plan for the week: Sunday: 16K run, 4 hours volleyball Monday: a much needed rest day Tuesday: 6K run, weights Wednesday: 6K run Thursday: 8K run, weights Friday: fartlek training (9K) Saturday: nothing -- the day just got away from me...
  10. Howdy all, I seem to be recovered from my pain from last week, thank goodness. Here's my plan for this week: Sunday: rest day Monday: 12K run, softball game Tuesday: 5K run, weights Wednesday: rest Thursday: hill training Friday: 8K run, weights Saturday: softball tournament, swimming Have a great week everyone! Teresa
  11. Howdy all, Thanks Dawna for always getting this started -- it helps me get my plan for the week going! Here's this week's plan: Sunday: about 8 hours of dancing (went to a big rave in Montreal -- so much fun, and so much exercise!!!!) Monday: a much needed rest day! Tuesday: 7K run, weights and this is where the week went off the rails (no more running, cause I hurt myself somehow)... Wednesday: nothing Thursday: volleyball practice Friday: long walk Saturday: a couple of hours of walking around Toronto
  12. Howdy all, I'm checking in late this week, but I've definitely been exercising lots. Sunday: rest day Monday: beach volleyball, 16K run Tuesday: 5K run, helped a friend move (up two flights of stairs!) Wednesday: volleyball Thursday: softball, hill training Friday: decided to take a day off in prep for tri Saturday: Triathlon! Last one of the season -- very happy with my result.
  13. Howdy all, 8 weeks 'til my next half marathon, so the training is really ramping up. Here's my plan for the week: Sunday: rest day Monday: weights, beach volleyball, 7K run Tuesday: softball game Wednesday: 6K run, volleyball Thursday: weights Friday: hill training Saturday: 2 hrs. beach volleyball Thanks GirlinMotion! How was your ultimate tourney?
  14. Howdy all! Here's my plan for the week: Sunday: rest day Monday: weights, 4K run, softball and volleyball games Tuesday: 10K race (1:01:05) Wednesday: weights, volleyball game Thursday: weights, hill training Friday: weights, mountain biking Saturday: run 14K
  15. Howdy Running Folk, It's been a while since I posted, but my training has been going really well. I've got a little over two months to go until the Toronto Half Marathon. Started back to hill training last week -- I had forgotten just how tough it can be! I've got a couple of other things on the race calendar before the half -- a 10K race in the Arboretum next Tuesday and a sprint triathalon on Labour Day weekend. Need to get back in the pool this week in preparation for the tri -- hard to fit it in with all the running on my schedule. Babe: Congrats on staying on track while you were on vacation -- and good luck with your upcoming races. Let us know how you do! Kanis: Take care of that IT band -- there's some good info at http://www.sportsmed.buffalo.edu/info/iliotibial.html Oh, and drinking coffee or coke before is something that a lot of athletes do, so nope, its not cheating! To all the other runners, happy trails! Teresa
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