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  1. We always have a big get together for Christmas, with, of course, all of my very favorite foods. This year, I'm planning ahead. I do a large part of the cooking anyway, so I'll be modifying recipes as I go to make everything just a little more points-friendly. But the biggest part of my PLAN for that day is to make a really really yummy, large (family style) salad, and make that the bulk of my eating, but still allow myself a taste of the other things (counting those tastes, too, of course). So--I need help with a big, spectacular, family style, low low point, salad...I know you all are awesome at this, help me out :)

  2. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant w/baby #4, and already planning my post-partum shapeup. As a single mom, breastfeeding a newborn, time will be very scarce, as will funds. I'll need to add an additional 10 points to my daily plan, I know. My challenge to you is this...in the next few weeks/months, I'd like to start preparing & freezing ahead single-serve portions of low-point foods so that when all I get done is nursing & sleeping, I don't binge on foods that are going to put me over my points...(making the plan). I know I'm going to do some 1-point soups (the cheese soup was my favorite back when I lost baby weight from #3, 60 pounds worth), but otherwise I'm at a loss as to what I can freeze ahead, how to reheat it, etc. What suggestions do you have for foods that freeze well & reheat well? Considering that I'm due in August, I'm already counting on eating lots of sauteed/grilled/roasted veggies, but all suggestions are welcome. I know it seems early, but as the nesting hormones kick in, I figure storing food/supplies ahead are good ways to pass the time.

  3. Nope, not hard to figure at all...


    12 oz chicken = 12 points


    For the pintos, I'd figure 3 1/2 times the numbers on the can (sometimes that isn't the same as figuring 1 serving and multiplying)...that makes the whole can 330 cal, 3.5 fat, 14 fiber, so that = 4 points


    The tomatoes, again I multiplied to get numbers for the whole can, still just 1 point for the whole can...87.5 cal, 0 fat, 3.5 fiber


    The broth, I don't know if there's more than 1 serving in the can, but the numbers you give make it 0 points, then nothing for the veggies....comes to a grand total of 17 points, divide that by the number of servings (6, you said?) makes it 2.83 points a serving, I'd count as 3.


    Hope this helps. Learning to figure out recipe points took me a while, but once I did, this whole thing got soooo much easier for me, because I could go back to my "before" recipes, a lot of them weren't that high, I just didn't know it, and the ones that were, I modified to fit.



  4. I don't know if anyone here will remember me, I first started out with WW almost 3 years ago, after my 3rd dd was born...I lost 60ish pounds, and stayed at goal until about the last 6 months, where I've been playing with 10-15 pounds...well, I decided it's time to get back to business, summer's coming, and I DON'T WANT NEW CLOTHES!!! I have all kinds of cute goal clothes from last summer, and I fully intend to wear them again this summer, lol. So, back to all the things I know work, but I've slacked off on--journaling, counting, and water, water, water. My problem is this (I think it's a lot of the reason for my re-gain also): about 6 months ago, the place where I work lost 2 employees (we only have a staff of 7-8, so 2 is a lot), so I've been working a LOT. During the day, when I'm working, we literally have zero time for breaks, including lunch. I know that's not right, I know they can't do that, etc, but it's how it is for now, until we have more staff. This, for me, means that during the day, I run into the kitchen & grab a bite of whatever that I can stuff in my mouth, chew and swallow in less than a minute, and keep running. While this meets (probably exceeds) my calorie needs, I'm left feeling like I didn't have time to eat all day, meaning as soon as I get off, the first thing I do is eat a real meal, and sometimes dinner after that (depending on how late I work). I try to eat a decent breakfast before I go in (usually special K or eggo FF waffles), and I think that now that I'm back to journaling, that's going to help some, but I'm wondering what I can keep on hand for those less-than-a-minute bite-breaks that will feel like I really ate something, so I'm not going overboard later? Any ideas? Sorry if this is long and rambling, I've been on high speed for so long, even my thoughts move too fast, lol.



  5. Ok, it's been a while since I read through my materials. I made it to goal, and while I've played with the same 5 or so pounds, I've basically maintained, by counting my points every day. Today, though, my DH picked up some marinated boneless, skinless chicken breasts at the store. I said--that sounds good, wonder how bad it messes up the points, so I figured it up-- 4 oz serving, 110 cal, 1.5 gm fat--I'm coming up with 2 points for 4 oz, when I have ALWAYS counted b'less, s'less chicken as 1 pt/oz. I looked on Dotti's site, and it looks like 1 point/ounce, too...so tell me, have I been counting it wrong all this time, or have I found a new brand of chicken???




  6. Well, I'd like to tell you it's lower, but I got hooked on the Speedway Cappucino's, after being at goal for 6+ months & guesstimated them at 5-6 points each....I gained about 8-10 pounds before I realized the culprit...


    Here's the info for speedway's french vanilla cap...


    calories= 220

    fat= 8 gm

    fiber= 1

    that totals to 5 points for a 12 ounce serving


    the fat free is better, at about 2 points for 8 ounces. I gave it up, anyway...I'm peeling those pounds back off, again. lol



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