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  1. Thanks! I feel better than I ever have! Just gotta work on this last little bit. I also need to get back hard on my workouts. I'm in my first semester of nursing school right now and my schedule is never consistent, so I'm getting thrown off my workout schedule! I haven't been really active on this website forum, but I'm ALWAYS lurking around finding recipes and getting motivation and advice from everyone, so THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for providing this resource and doing everything you do!!
  2. so I have a bad habit of avoiding pictures, so unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures from in between, but here are my before and after photos. I currently weigh 261 and I'm 6 foot 6 inches tall. I started out last July at 375 lbs.! Here are my pictures showing my loss of 114 lbs!! http://photobucket.com/typical_tenore ps.- still going strong and on my way to losing the last 20-30 or so.
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