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  1. Love the flavor combination! Sounds like something Id like to try with Low cal sliced bread. Thanks for the recipe!
  2. I have eaten those several times and boy are they good and the price is right. I'd love to find some coupons. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
  3. Delicious! I had this for dinner tonight and wanted to give it an A+. I improvised on the seasoning and it still turned out very good. This is a keeper.
  4. CinnamonGirl

    onion rings

    Great idea. Im printing this out to try when I get back from my trip. Thanks for posting.
  5. Ginaki! I loved it!!!! I told it to my hubby while laying in bed last night. He thought it was hilarious too! I love blonde jokes.
  6. It looks yummy. I love the soup based gravy idea. Thanks for the tip.
  7. I'm reading more and more about how aspartame can cause an insulin reaction in the body. It’s not due to the carbs because diet drinks don’t contain any. Supposedly the insulin spike is in response to the sweetness of aspartame. The sweet taste sets off a chemical reaction in the body. A constant high insulin level equals fat gain. Personally, I drink 3-4 a day and I notice that they can increase cravings. Then there are times when I drink mostly water and the weight comes off a little easier.
  8. I don't really notice an after taste using the cinnamon oil. At least I know now not to use lemon extract. Lemon sounds good but it doesn't sound compatible with this recipe. Sorry you wasted your ingredients. Try it with cinnamon oil.
  9. This recipe was actually posted a few years ago. One of the posters suggested using chicken gravy instead of the soup. Less salt, less fat and fewer calories. Another suggestion was to take the Grands biscuits and separate the flakes to trim a few more calories. Add some vegies, take out the cheese and you can get 3 maybe 4 for the same points depending on your substitutions.
  10. slpmarge, Love the idea to reuse the frozen food trays! Do you just slip the whole tray into a ziploc? I'm also loving the idea of a dedicated freezer which I happen to have. I think I'll start on it tonight. Maybe I'll draw a picture of a skull and crossbones and tape to the fridge so everyone will STAY OUT!
  11. All these years I thought I was being prissy. I suddenly feel so very normal now!! To add to the aggravation is when you're on a road trip and hubby patiently tries to help by scouting out a "nice place", and then you end up going through the above scenario. Of course no place is as good as your own toilet.
  12. This recipe is an oldie but a goody!!!
  13. I agree with raidermom, the laughing cow light is excellent in this recipe. Both ways taste great!
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