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  1. HONK!!! HONK!!! HONK!!! I remember this thanks for the reminder... katy
  2. I do not eat sweets so I should be OK. Plus as in the past I am planning a seafood dinner, along with salads and fruit. So I should be OK. I am going Sat to dinner where I know they are "food pushers" they also know I'm a WW so if I say "NO" they'll let it be. Thanks CW for this thread... katy
  3. Too right to be wrong... Good chuckles... katy
  4. Cathy, Another sister team. I think that's awesome Dee and here I thought I was the quiet one. katy
  5. You look absolutely beautiful. The before/after pictures is an inspiration. You look like a model and have the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen. YOUR LOOKING GORGEOUS, DAHLIN'.... katy :bcbsalute
  6. Oh my goodness, what a little cutey he is. Looks so grown up with the haircut...he's going to be a charmer. katy :bcbsalute
  7. MoniMac, You look great, I can really see the difference. I read your post on the Daily and thought that was great as well. WTG Buddy your proof it can be done. Not only with the weight loss, but in other areas as well. I salute you.:bcbsalute katy
  8. Paris, What a wonderful job you've done. You are truly a BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY... Keep up the good work... katy :bcbsalute
  9. :) I'm still waiting... katy
  10. Went last night for the first time. Had the Baja Chicken Roll and the onion soup. I was pleasantly surprised with both. I particularly was pleased with the onion soup. Tasted just like the "real" thing... katy
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