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  1. Hello everyone!! Today will be tough for me because I have terrible cramps..UGh..I already took a midol so hopefully that will help. I have pcos so they get to be very painful which is another health reason to lose weight for myself. I went to the gym yesteday and did 45 minutes cardio then a fitness yoga class. I was able to keep up a little more this time..Haha.. I am taking the kids to school soon, doing some time on my elliptical then cleaning.. I am making chicken curry tonight ..Mmmmmm so good!! Sahrene
  2. Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a great weigh in..I was down 3.6 pounds. So I made my first 5% goal and have lost 10.6 pounds so far!!! I am so happy! I went to the gym and got a week pass because I had a couple of free days. I attended a fitness Yoga class that kicked my butt. I have been sore for two days..LOL..I had no idea that I could be so sore from stretches!! I am taking the kids ice skating shortly.... Sahrene
  3. Cindy, I am so sorry for your families loss..My thoughts go out to you... Jill- Good luck with your new job! I just worked out to my w.w dvd and now I am on my way to go clean... I plan on getting each dog a nice walk in today too! Sahrene
  4. Good Morning!! Yesterday I used the w.w dvd and it was pretty good. I have never done and yoga/pilates stuff so that part was a little more challenging but I am very interested in learning more. I am getting on the elliptical in a minute and then I have 2 houses to clean today. So I will be keeping busy... Have a great day everyone!!!
  5. Hello Everyone! Weigh in yesterday... Down 2.2 pounds! I am so close to my first 5% goal. I shopped at Trader Joe's yesterday and then came home and used a black marker to right points on all the packages. Cindy- Great job on getting to your half goal! Our pipes froze here too.. We have one pipe too close to an outside wall so it happens almost every time it gets below zero. We have a portable heater we put near the pipe to thaw it. Kimberley- Your schedule make me tired just reading it..LOL.. Leigh- I had a nice walk with my pack of 5 dogs yesterday too!! What work do you do for the rescue? healthydays- Sounds like my kind of day. I have a chili on but I got my recipe out of the new ww magazine at 5 points.. SO I went light for breakfast and it smells so yummy! Denise- I hope you are feeling better.. I have had some friends who have have the biopsy and I have been told it can be extremly painful. Well I am off.. have a great weekend everyone! Sahrene
  6. Hello everyone. I have been MIA for a couple days but still on point. Although I did overeat for the first time last night since I started weight watchers. I had the points to eat my yummy potato soup but man I felt so bad after when I overate. I wont be doing that again... It is unbearably cold here in Minnesota so I did my elliptical for 20 this morning and just cleaned 1 house now I need to do my own. Have a great day everyone!! Sahrene
  7. Back from weigh in and I got my first 5 pound loss sticker!
  8. Thanks Amylynn for the info! IT sounds awesome! I love to dance and I always thought that a regular aerobics class was missing something with the same tired moves. What a great idea. Well I would like to put Zumba on my to do list. I don't have a gym membership not but if when I do look for a gym I will have to check and see if they offer this class. Laurdee- If you go to Best Buy make them an offer,haggle, tell them what you want and how much you want to pay. If you do your research online on competitive prices and look at maybe getting last years lodels that are still really good allot of the time they will negotiate. It works better if you are bundling items. My husband and I did this with our big screen, stand and surround sound and got a great deal!! Good Luck! I am going to weigh in shortly. I plan to be on point and if it is not too cold get the dogs out on the trails for some snow hiking! Sahrene
  9. Hello everyone!! I did check in on the board yesterday but I for some reason I did not actually post. I am trying a new meeting tomorrow. I have been through two so far with two diffrent leaders and I just dont feel that there were quiet right. The first lady was a fill in and the second was new with a lifetime goal of 20 pounds. that is great but I feel like I need a leader with a more similar story as mine that made it and has kept it off. So I will try another tomorrow.. I have worked out everyday this week on my elliptical and I am very sore... My elliptical had not got this much use in a few years... Kim- I hope you DH feels better and you are really hard core with your workouts!! That is so awesome!! I dont know what Zumba is but I will look it up. Jillian- Good news that it is not fractured. Rest this weekend and hopefully you will be back on your feet soon! Leigh - CONGRATS!! Cindy- I hope you get good news and your father's condition is better! AmyLynn- West coast swing sounds so fun!!! Have a great night with your DH! Sahrene
  10. Hello everyone! I am getting on the elliptical as soon as the kids are on the bus! I have to houses to clean after that and plan to stay OP. B- 1 point English muffin, egg, 1 slice Canadian bacon s- light n fit yogurt and a clementine l- veggie bean soup d- marinated boneless skinless chicken and veggies Hi Sharron! Nice to meet you! Denise! Great job committing to exercise. I forget how much better I feel when I work out each day.. I will be interested in what you think the the wii fit board. Have a great day everyone! Sahrene
  11. Hello buddies! Great day on point and I started my day with 30 minutes on the elliptical and lots of running around..I have a pot of 1 point veggie/bean soup on the stove and feeling great!! Keep up the great work everyone!! Sahrene
  12. Yah!!! Kids are back in school!! That seemed like eternity... I tried a diffrent meeting yesterday and I weighed in 3.6 pounds lighter! That was my first loss in 2009! I am planning on doing a workout at home and getting Christmas put away now that the kids are gone.. Have a great day!! Sahrene
  13. Good Morning! We too are getting snow today. This will be my first time inviting people over while I am OP. I have a tri tip in the crockpot for today and I am planning on making a big salad to go with instead of my potato salad that I would usually make. I am cleaning and going to take the dogs on a hike hopefully before the snow starts falling so I got to get moving!! Cinderella2b- Thanks for the welcome and congrats on the loss!! I have my next weigh in on Monday but I might go Sunday morning instead. I am still trying to find that right group. Kim- I used to love spinning! A workout like no other I have ever experienced. I don't have a membership now but I will get one hopefully this summer.. Till then the outdoors and my elliptical that is now covered in dust will be my gym.. AmyLynn- Hello!!! Trudie- Thanks for the warm welcome! Sahrene
  14. Hello! I would love to join your group! I just went to my first meeting Monday but I have been on weight watchers about 4 years ago and lost over 40 pounds. Now I am back! I am recommitted and ready to go. Today was a testament to my dedication..Today was a very bad day. I back my brand new leased jeep into a telephone pedistool.... I have a very high deductible and after Christmas, well who has 1000 bucks lying around to fix something these days... I was devastated and my when I confessed to my hubby ( far away, over the phone) he gave me a ear full too... This would have been a day where in my past life *couch cough* I would have stopped at the neareset fast food and ordered about a million items to try and make my self feel better.....We'll I DID..... NOT!!!!!!!!!! I feel great! in fact it is 8pm and I still have 2 points of my regular day to eat still...Now that is not a problem.... Sahrene
  15. Lynn thanks for sharing and I know how you feel about the hunger. When I am eating mindlessly I really don't pay attention to those feelings or I don't allow them to really play out to see what my body is really trying to tell me. It is like getting to know yourself all over again.... The first step is always the hardest now lets make a plan to feel better inside and out! Sahrene
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