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  1. Thank you very much Joanne. I'm going to try it now. I think I remember from the other recipe I saw that they drained 1/2 of the juice off of the canned peaches. Thanks again!
  2. Somewhere (???) I saw a recipe for the Weight Watcher Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with a can of peaches. It said to mix together and bake (or microwave). Anyone have that recipe??? Thanks!
  3. My sister suggested uninstalling Mastercook 9 and then reinstalling. Perhaps there was another program running at your first installation. Just a thought!
  4. Thanks! You'd think by now that MasterCook would incorporate it somehow unless it's a trademark problem with Weight Watchers.
  5. I recently acquired the new MasterCook program. I previously have used the MasterCook 6.0 version, but haven't used it in several years. My question is this, other than manually entering the points value next to the title of the recipe, is there a way of programming the points value into the recipe and having it print out on the recipe. I followed mahjong's suggestion of creating a "Rating", and could successfully incorporate it into the recipe, but never could get it to print on the actual recipe card. I am just beginning my cookbook and did follow suggestions to create my own catergories first. I have only one recipe listed so far, but want to have everything right before I continue. Any good ideas???? Thank you, Lajenga
  6. I made this today and loved it. When reconfirming points manually, I also came up with 1 point per cup; however, when using Mastercook, it tallied the recipe to read 2 points per cup. I'd like to know what anyone else thinks. Thanks, Vicki
  7. I saw an advertisement in the Nov/Dec Weight Watchers magazine for products from Walden Farms that were sugar free and zero calories. Most were salad dressings, but also dips, ketchup and other condiments. They have a website to order from. Anyone tried any of them and how do they taste? Thanks, Vicki
  8. I like to get my bulgar at "Whole Foods" in the bulk foods section. It is lighter in color than the Bob's Red Mill that you find in grocery stores and I like the taste better. It also has less calories. The one I buy has the following calorie/fat/fiber components: 1/3 cup dry = 130 calories, .5 fat and 5g fiber. This comes out to be 2 points per one cup cooked. Hope this helps.
  9. I found out that 2 Tablespoons are 15 calories and 0 fat, 0 fiber. Now the question is, has anyone tried it? I just ordered it at Vitalady@bigfoot.com and will let you know. Thanks, Vicki
  10. Has anyone tried the new Davinci SF Chocolate Sauce? I can't find the nutritional info on it on the DaVinci website. How many calories per ounce, any fat grams or fiber? Thanks, Vicki
  11. Or as my mom used to say, "Put a raisin in your belly button and go as a cookie". :rolleyes: Vicki
  12. Just to add my two cents worth... I only drained the corn, plus I added a can of kidney beans along with the pinto and pork & beans. Did everything else the same, even added the onions, which I can tolerate cooked, but if there is any crunch, ick! However, the onions were all floating on top and weren't quite done enough to my liking so I scooped 'em out. Soup was very good. Sooo easy and nice to come home to a dinner already done. Next time, I think I'll saute the onions first. Vicki
  13. Marcia, Thanks for your quick response. Yes, I just bought some broccoli slaw yesterday. I definitely will try it. Vicki
  14. Marcia, Did you use a 14 ounce bag of broccoli slaw? Thanks, Vicki
  15. WHOOPS. I meant 7 points for 5 servings or 5 points for 7 servings. Sorry. Vicki
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