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    Losing Myself

    Lillie, I was very recently in this position, though I have only lost 20 lbs this year! But I started journaling and last week I went 20 points over my 35 points allowance. It made it hard to journal cuz I felt I had already failed, but I did it and followed the good health guidelines and I lost 1 lb which put me back at the 20, I had lost. Today is a new week for me and I start with a clean slate. And it will be a better week. Just right down everything you eat, if you go over write it down anyhow. Next week try to go less over. It's not the ideal place to be but it's a way to regain control and get back on track.
  2. After 2 months of bouncing between 190.4 and 193.4 I finally weighed in at 189. I'm down 4 lbs from two weeks ago! Maybe, I finally broke the curse!
  3. June 8 balance 25 B: toast 24 cheese 23 S1: toast 22 cheese 21 L: burger 15 fries 7 D: burrito -1 WPA 9 June 9 balance 25 banana 23 yogurt 22 apple 20 chicken and veg. 15 coke 12 newtons 8
  4. Do potatoes count as a serving of vegetable? I had heard once b/c they contain so much starch they do not.
  5. June 1 balance: 25 B: yogurt 24 (D) toast 23 banana 21 (F&V) pb 19 gym 23 L: santa fe chicken 21 (P) (F&V) S1: apple 20 (F&V) S2: bun 18 cheese 17 (D) yogurt 16 (D) S3: cookie? 12 D: bread 9 salad 9 steak 4 potatoes 0 S4: bread -1 cheese -2 June 2 balance 25 B: banana 23 pb 21 yogurt 20 toat 19 L: portabello wrap 12 fries 7 ellyptical 11 S1: cupcake 7 walk 8 S2: cheese sandwich 6 S3: salad 6 D: aloo cabbage 5 sandwich 3 banana 1 fudge pop 0 June 3 balance: 25 B: banana 23 pb 21 toast 20 yogurt 19 S1: bar 16 S2: bar 13 ellyptical 17 fettuccini and broc 13 cookies 11 aloo cabbage 10 beef fry 6 salad 0 paratha 1 fudge pop 0 salad 0 banana -2 sandwich -4 June 4 balance 25 banana 23 pb 21 toast 20 yogurt 19 S1: cheese 18 toast 17 Walk: 19 L:turkey and potatos 15 S2: banana 13 S3: yogurt 12 D: pork chop 8 cabbage 0 fudge bar 7 S4: float 2 June 5 balance 25 WPA 35 b: 7 S1: 1 walk 2 L: -2 WPA 33 S2: -4 WPA 29 S3: -6 WPA 27 D: -13 WPA 14 June 6 balance 25 WPA 14 B: smoothie 20 french toast 12 L: chicken 8 potatos 5 S1: banana 3 S2: fudge pop 2 D: eggplant 0 salad 0 walk: 1 ellyptical 5 S3:mousse -1 WPA 13 S4: sandwich -3 WPA 10 June 7 balance 25 B: banana 23 pb 21 toast 18 yogurt 17 L: salad 17 pizza 4 weights 8 D: burrito 5 taco 1
  6. Happy Birthday Kimberly!!!!!!!! Laurdee- Glad you can exercise again. Will be great!! Denise- Good job! Trudie- That's a good WI! Tamara- I'm praying for your grandmother. I'm up another 1.5 lb. I'm getting frustrated because I've hit every number on the scale between 190.4 and 193.4. It's been 6 weeks of this! I haven't even lost 10% yet and it's been six months! I'm tracking better this week. Maybe, it will help. I'm on word list 25. I originally said when I got there I would get a piece of cheesecake but due to the weight increase I refuse. My cousin is in this weekend so I'm going home to see him and will drive back to Austin tomorrow. My brother called from Afghanistan today. He seems to be doing well. I'm plan to buy a reception dress and a third sunday dress this month so I guess the wedding is coming along as well. And I found a store where I can actually afford to buy furniture for the new place. Yeigh!!!
  7. Cindy- Sorry, I just saw the news about your mom. That is really horrible. I don't really know what to say, but I'll pray for you.
  8. I am in pain! I'm bloated and I think I need to go to the restroom but can't. This is an unusual problem for me! I'm contemplating not weighing in today as I don't feel that the reflection would be accurate. Haven't decided yet. No time--will post personals tonight.
  9. I fell off the wagon today. I knew mcd for breakfast was going to be hard, especially since I woke up starving. But I had a 4 point lunch and low point snacks for the day and I earned 4 points at lunch, so I thought I could do it. Things got complicated when I locked my keys in the car at the gas station and waited 1.5 hours for a locksmith (past my usual dinner time) to pop the lock. By this time dh found a co-worker to drop him at the gas station and insisted on going to dinner b/c he was starving. Dinner blew me away!!! I probably going to try to earn some more APs tonight, but I don't really think I can earn enough to make up the difference. This was a bad night for it to w/ WI tomorrow morning. Work was better today. I hope this situation blows over soon. There was an incident with a co-worker who I had to file an hr complaint against and it didn't make me popular. Kimberly- Thanks, I'm just waiting for it to pass. Denise- I'm glad you mentioned breakfast. I haven't made it to the store yet and I can't have another day like this. Laurdee- Good luck staying OP at work! I know you can do it!
  10. I'm out of breakfast food, so I have to make a stop at Mc this morning on the way to work. Not a great way to start the day, but I'll work it out. Situation at work really hasn't gotten any better. I would say in some regards it worse. I'm exploring all options, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of new ones! Trudie- Congrats on new gran-baby Denise- I gained 3.4lbs. in a week a few weeks ago. It'll be okay!
  11. Laurdee- That is great! I'm excited for you! If I ever get into a 12 again I'll have a party! LOL. Congrats
  12. I am so enjoying the day off. I had planned on having the house to myself today, but dh is still here and he's not feeling well, so he may stay home. I had planned on dropping him and being back home by now. If he goes to work I'll drop him hit the gym, swim a bit after the ellyptical, go to the grocery store for laughing cow and cabbage. When I get home I need pilates. This house needs to be cleaned and today is the one day I have to do it, but I haven't done pilates in months and it's taking it's toll. I have an anxiety disorder which I refuse to take medication for, I guess I kind of self-medicate with the pilates which works when I do it consistantly. With things being what they are now, I'm going to have to do it. So before I allow myself to clean I will make sure I do pilates, hopefully this will inspire me to get up early and get it in before work.
  13. I was once told the plan is designed for five servings of 0 foods a day, but the leader who said this also said she wanted to take 0pt vegis off the table, it was more the soups and yogurts that she was worried about. I never count 0 point veggis, but that is just my perspective.
  14. The issue with DH I think has resolved itself. The issue was over engagement rings. I have one, but in India they don't. I was asked not to wear mine:bcb_mad2. I thought the better idea would be to wear it on the other hand. He said this would bring questions, and I said so why can't you just tell them it's an engagement ring? It really was a small thing, but the issue to me was not the ring! It was just okay, so you don't give a ring in India, tell you parents I'm from the U.S. and we do. The Indian wedding happened b/c his parents threatened to disown him for having a non-arranged marriage. The conditions of him being able to maintain a relationship with both his parents and me were I become Catholic and the Catholic wedding take place in India. We agreed to both. I think they should deal with the ring! The one thing we agreed to yesterday is that we would be much happier if our parents would leave us alone, like all of them because mine really aren't any better. If I hadn't already paid for airfare eloping might be the best option, because it isnt like our parents are ever going to let us be happy and I suspect that our moms will fight the whole time we're there. I'm 24. He's 26 and both moms think we're still 10. Aside from parental interference the other underlying issue is work. I'm so stressed that I can't talk when I get home. Wed. night I cried and said I cant handle aruing w/ these ppl all day and then coming home and arguing with you about arguing with them! That's when he told me he would just get a second job.It's so crazy. Just a few months ago, life was great. I don't like it when I feel like things are out of my control and I don't like not knowing what's going to happen next. And I feel like work is out of my control at this point and I don't know what's going to happen next. Kimberly- I hope you've enjoyed your weekend alone. Trudie- Good job on maintenance. Cindy- Great loss! Laurdee- I'll be okay ; ) Are my posts really that independent? Denise- new dog is so cute
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