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  1. All your hard work has paid off, Jason. Love everything so far. I’m sure there will be additional features that we will love. Thanks Again!!!!
  2. Got a lot of smart gals here. You guessed it first Norma. Yep Cathy RV'er is my MUCH OLDER sister. J/K sis. Carla, my dear friend. Your post was a dead give away...hahah.. Karen, I've clued Cathy in on all of you! I've embellished a bit...no, not really. She was anxious to start posting and getting to know every one of you since I speak so highly of each of you. Post away sis, so they get to know the real Cathy, not the one I've spoken of...heheheh. J/K.
  3. Cathy. Good to have you with us. Post often so we all get to know you better. This is a great bunch of people as you may have noticed who will give you lots of support and encouragement.
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