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  1. I've just signed up for a intro pole dancing class. I'm trying to get some friends in it with me. Should be fun. http://www.aradiafitness.com/ It's in Canada but I'm sure there are a lot of other companies offering similar classes across North America.
  2. Why not try incorporating intervals in your running? Throw in a few sprints in every so often. It's good to challenge yourself a little be it distance or speed.
  3. Hey all. I'm happy to say that I've been able to run a little for the past 4 days. My friend and I are slowly building our endurance again and are enjoying our morning runs together. When I run I really concentrate on not dropping my hip as that would reinjure my TFL. We're only running 3-1 x9 right now but will be moving up to 5-1 next week. I'm so happy to be running again.
  4. I agree. With the warmer weather, your body is probably trying to hold onto the water more. I think the key is to drink more water isn't it? I don't think .5 is anything to be concerned about. If it was 3-5 suddenly then that's a bigger issue. As for running in the warm weather, my friend and I have been running in trails to get out of the heat. We've got some beautiful trails in our area which are pretty cool regardless of when you run. For me, the heat makes it hard for me to breath. I feel like the air is thicker and more difficult to take in. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. Yes and it's working out well. Yesterday we ran 1.5-1 for 40mins - it's really working out well. Eventually when my strength is up we'll start to eliminate the 1min rests. The TFL is on the side of your leg. I posted a diagram somewhere in this thread. Are you haven't problems with your hip flexor?
  6. Yes. I've got to start off slow so that I don't reinjure myself. Seems like very little, but honestly, we get a good sweat going.
  7. Hey all. Ran again yesterday and the injury was fine. It did twinge a little at the end but today I have no pain. I think the fact that we took a dip in the pool and then went into the hot tub, really helped "nurse" my tfl. We ran 1-1 for 40mins. We're going to try and increase our time each time we go out. I think tomorrow we're gonna to 1.5-1. I can't do the full out running for an extended period yet so baby steps for now.
  8. Katie, your tensor fascia lata runs from the top of your IT band. I injured it through repetition and not listening to my body. What I would do when I ran was I would drop my hip too much which would cause my TFL to fray. It originally started as an IT band injury but then I guess I start to overcompensate. I injured it at the 8k mark of my first 10k run. I was soooooo disappointed. It felt like a rubber band had snapped and I had to walk the rest of the run. I was p*ssed. All that training and my body disappointed me. Anyway, course of treatment - physio (massage, ultrasound, heat/electro stimulation) and strength training (squats, lunges, leg lifts and some stretches). When I run now, I have to be very focussed on the area and cognizant of what my hips are doing. I actually jog (can't run yet) with my hips contracted.
  9. I ran today! I ran today!!! This is my first real run since I injured my TFL (connected to IT band) in April. My physiotherapist told me to just slowly work myself back into it so today my friend and I went jogging through some trails. We ran 1-1 for 30mins. I'm so happy. We've made a date to run again on Tuesday. It feels so good to run... Katie - from what I've heard from my runner friends (one who does at least one 1/2 marathon a month) women runners get better in their late 30s and 40s. So it sounds like you started just at the right time. Texasmom - Wow - Chicago marathon! Amazing!!!! You'll have to keep us updated on your training.
  10. This is a well known program in my area. The creator was an Olympic runner. It's great and the progession is not too overwhelming. http://www.sportmedbc.com/Content/InTraining/Programs/LearnToRun10K%20Program%20New.asp
  11. Neutral foot means that I don't overpronate or supinate (foot rolls either outside or inside of foot). It has a lot to do with what kind of arch you have. A well educated running shoe specialist should be able to determine what kind of foot you can. What they'll do is have you take off your shoes and then walk to and fro to see if you pronate or supinate. Shoes can make or break a run that's why I think it's super important to go to a specialty shoe store rather than buy them from a 16 year old at the mall. I do neither. Neutral feet are easy to buy shoes for but apparently we're only 10% of the population. Here's some more information for you. http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/running-shoe-guide-for-du.shtml
  12. Hey all. Ran for the first time today in over 2 months. My physiotherapist recommended I get back into things with a light jog. It sure felt good. I only did 1-1 for 20mins but by the last interval, my injury was bugging me. Not painful but I could tell it was there. I cannot wait until this is gone! Anyway, I'm going to try to increase it by a minute each time. Fingers crossed!
  13. I have a neutral foot. I love my Asics Gel's.
  14. Oh I know what you're feeling! If it's the same as mine, it's just on your side outer hip? I was training for my first 10k when this happened to me. I ignored it then when I was running and hit my 8th k - SNAP!!!! Ouch!!! Now I've been going to physio. It's super important to not only stretch your hips but also strenghten your legs. Squats, lunges - do whatever you can to strengthen those muscles! My injury is actually an extension of my IT band issues which lead to injurying my TFL (this hip thingy I have). I haven't been able to run in two months but I'm now on the road to recovery.
  15. Hey all. Sorry I haven't logged in lately but I haven't been able to get up and running yet. On the more positive side of things, I finally got in to see the physiotherapist. I have injured my TFL (?) which is just above the IT Band. Apparently it's a very common injury for female runners. In fact my physiotherapist suffered from the same injury so it makes me happy knowing that she's gone through the same thing. According to her, what happens when I run is that I drop my hip and that causes stress on it. I thought that my belly dancing class would prevent me from doing so cause everything is so concentrated and controlled but I guess since I don't pay attention to that when I run, it just drops without any resistance. I hope to be up and running by the end of July. But for now, it's the bike and strength training. It sounds like quite a few of us have IBS here. I was first diagnosed in about 5 years ago. Lately I've been okay except when I travel or am under considerable stress. When it's really bad, I go back on my medication Dicetel. Honestly, that prescription has saved me! If you're not opposed to medication, look into it - ask your doctor.
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